Thursday, December 11, 2014

Outfits: New Old Dress. Had to Have It (as usual...)

Does anyone else find Christmas shopping difficult? I mean, of course it is. But I mean specifically fighting the urge to buy yourself presents? Especially the kind that no one else will buy you. 

Like this dress. 

I was in the Exchange doing some Christmas shopping with Daphne from Vixage. We stopped at the Exchange Uporium. Patti Henderson - curator and owner of WildWoodRose Vintage - has her stuff there. Deadly. 
So I'm perusing her racks and I see this dress. I knew immediately without trying it on that I had to have it.   ...I'm so weak...
Decision made when I put it on and it fit like it was made for me. damn. 

I also bought a gift for a gift exchange while there, so at least there's that lol!

Black is hard to photograph with my point and shoot camera, but I'm hoping you can see the asymmetrical peplum/draped panel on the back. Also has three covered buttons at the nape of the neck. 

After I took the last bunch of photos I decided I needed more accessories, so I grabbed this hat and clutch. I'm in love. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one who buys themselves things while Christmas shopping. I've got four more gifts to buy and then I can stay away from the stores. Now I just need to find somewhere to wear this dress. 

Vintage Black Straw Tilt Hat: thrifted, Value Village
40's Black Crepe Dress: WildWoodRose Vintage via The Exchange Uporium
Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet: thrifted, Value Village
Vintage Celluloid and Rhinestone Bracelet: Ruby Slipper
Vintage Embroidered Rose Clutch: thrifted, Salvation Army
Black Mary Janes: Forever 21



  1. Wow! That dress must have "Lisa" stitched on the label. It was made for you. You look like you in it.

    After years of bemoaning the fact that during holiday gift-shopping I find stuff I love but nobody buys it for me, I started doing what you say -- I buy it for myself. And don't feel guilty, because if I don't, nobody else will. We should treat ourselves as well as we treat others. That's an important life-lesson.

  2. I still can't believe it fits you so well! it photographs really nice as well you can 100% see all the back detailing. umm later on this week I will be showing what "christmas" presents to myself I bought I do it to especially when it comes to vintage. My birthday and Christmas are when I allow myself full price vintage purchases without guilt.
    Thanks again for the purse my mitts barely fit so I am not sure if I can use it just yet.

  3. That dress is sensational on you! Perfect fit, I love how things sometimes seem meant to be when rummaging around the clothing rails.

    As for treating myself at this time of year, so far I've bought a camera, some boots, make-up, and some French beauty products. Whoops!

  4. I think everyone should buy themselves a good present for Christmas! After all, no one knows more about what you really want/need than you do.
    Love this dress, and the little accessories are the perfect touch, especially that polka dot clutch. It really takes it to a fun place.

  5. Yes!! Christmas shopping is indeed a struggle! And this year has been worse than years past it feels for me.

    This dress is amazing!


  6. My stars, that is one seriously sensational frock. Classic, classy, and sooo darn beautiful. How could one not treat themselves to a vintage gift that sublime?

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I don't blame you. That dress is stunning - it is sooo classy and elegant and it has enough details to make it special but still very versatile and easy to accessorise! And my oh my that hat looks perfect with it!

  8. I think I buy just as much for myself as for others when Christmas shopping... particularly as I do so much of it online and it's easy to have multiple browser windows open ;) anyway, that dress is beautiful! There's no way you could have passed that by...

    CC x
    CiCi Marie


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