Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Outfits: Looking a Little Christmas-y

I had a meeting with some fellow Shakespeare in the Ruins ensemble members (after 3 years of stage managing for them they asked me to be a member this summer!).  I've been dressing so casually lately I felt really dressed up in this outfit. 

Once I was out I realized how Christmas-y this outfit is with the green and the rhinestones on the sweater. I'm ok with it though. It's subtle. 


I love this sweater. I bought it for $5 at Value Village. I nearly fell over when I plucked it off the rack. It's a combination of my favourite things: black and sparkly. And can we talk about my slip for a moment? I know it might be a bit hard to see in that last photo, but the green polka dots on it are an exact match to my skirt. Match made in vintage heaven. 

Black 50's Rhinestone Studded Sweater: Value Village
Vintage Rhinestone Brooch: Vintage Glory
Black Patent Belt: Le Chateau (came with a top)
Green Vintage Skirt: Ragpickers
Vintage Green Polka Dotted Slip: Vintage Glory
Black Tights: Ricki's
Black Ankle Boots: George
Best Vintage Purse Ever: Value Village



  1. Oooh, that slip is such a stunner! I wonder why we don't see more polka dot ones? Granted colours might show through on garments with thin fabrics or light colours, but for anything dark and/or thicker, they're a sweet, darling way to feel extra stylish all day long.

    This is a such an elegant, sweet, beautiful winter look. Your tapestry handbag is making me go weak in the knees! I generally tend to use mine during the winter, too. They often seem to heavy in the context of the rest of the outfit come the sundress and sandals filled days of summer.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hello.
    Your "casual" is amazing!


  3. Very pretty. And you're right -- it's seasonal but in a subtle way. Perfect for you.

  4. I am loving the brooch over the rhinestone sweater! Rhymes with orange has a similar purse for sale right now if it is still there....we might have to be twins!

  5. Congrats on becoming a member!

    I adore this outfit! And would not have thought of it as Christmas-y, but I can see how some may see that!



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