Thursday, December 4, 2014

Outfit: Leopard Print Cardigan

I haven't been wearing a lot of skirts and dresses this fall/winter. My outfits have consisted of skinny jeans, a tee, blouse or sweater of some kind and a cardigan with vintage accessories. 

If you thought that in order to have vintage, rockabilly or pinup style you have to wear a dress or skirt, please let me prove you wrong this winter. I don't even wear high waisted pants most days. Frankly, I find them uncomfortable. They cut into my stomach when I sit. 

And for fun. Here are the pups, getting my my way while I try and set up for outfit pics lol. 

Leopard Print Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Black Tee: Forever21- thrifted
Vintage Mink Brooch: Value Village
Black Patent Belt: Laura
Black Cuff Bracelet: Le Chateau
Black Skinny Jeans: Forever21
Black Boots: George



  1. Love this outfit! You look adorable! n_n xxx

  2. This outfit is beautiful. And you're right; one doesn't have to wear certain clothes to create a style. You do that here with unexpected pieces. Nice job.


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