Sunday, December 7, 2014


So the exciting news 'round these parts is that The Boy and I are headed to Hawaii for two weeks in March!! EEEEEEEeeeee!!!!!!

I'm so freakin excited!! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. The Boy has been a few times long before we started dating. His family has a timeshare a few blocks from Waikiki Beach. Through a series of events (which I won't bore you with) this trip came up at an affordable cost, so we jumped at the chance to go.

As I said a few weeks ago, life has been stressful. In fact 2014 has felt like a tough year in many ways. So we really need this vacation. Get away, relax, explore another part of the world and spend some time together. Thank you to everyone who commented on that post and sent me their love and support. It meant a lot to me. And for those of you who are probably curious, things are slowly turning for the better. Slow, but steady. 

As you can imagine, My A-type personality has been scouring the internets for packing tips, sights to see and, naturally, been debating whether I will purchase myself a vintage Hawaiian or tiki print dress on etsy before we leave....I've always wanted one...what better excuse?!

In anticipation for my trip I'm planning a series of posts dedicated to the mid-century history/obsession with Hawaii, packing tips and capsules for the vintage girl (I couldn't find ONE online!), some vintage and antique shops I plan on visiting along with some other fun posts.

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Do you have any packing tips for vintage girls? 



  1. How exciting!! I've always wanted to go there, but never have. It's awfully far away. It's as far from the west coast of the U.S. as that coast is from me. Have lots and lots of fun!

  2. It is always great to have something to look forward too! Did you check on junebugs and Georgia peaches blog? I vaguely remember then posting vintage girl packing tips...


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