Thursday, August 14, 2014

Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: The Ruby Slipper Vintage & Trendy Consignment - St. Anne's Road Location

The Ruby Slipper Vintage Vintage & Trendy Consignment 370 St. Anne's Road

*** out of 5

The sign outside of Ruby Slipper's St. Anne's Road location reads: "The Ruby Slipper Vintage & Trendy Consignment". When the store was located on Sargent Avenue it was called "The Ruby Slipper Vintage Shoppe". The subtle change in name, in my opinion, is no coincidence. There is a significant increase in the percentage of modern and designer consignment for sale versus vintage for sale at their newer location (the shop moved about a year and a half from the time this post was published).

This is not to say that there is no vintage available. Most of the clothing I spied while sifting through the racks hailed from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Good news for you if you love the fashions from these eras. If you adore the 40's and 50's, like I do, or even earlier eras, then Ruby Slipper may disappoint. The shop does seem to get older pieces in occasionally - as always, the trick is to know when to shop at Ruby. Following them on Facebook is the best way to snag the best vintage. The shop still updates their page frequently with photos of new items, sales and other goings on.

The new store is brightly painted and has great natural light. They have much more retail floor space than the Sargent store, so the stock doesn't seem to be rotated seasonally anymore - there was a rack of fur coats for sale when I went in July. The pile of shoes is still there (if you've been to Ruby before, you know what I mean) and their selection of vintage jewelry is still very impressive. 

So if you're into used modern designer duds or "newer" vintage Ruby Slipper is the place for you. If older vintage fashions get your heart racing then this shop might not make the top spot on your shopping rounds - check Facebook first before making the trek to St. Anne's Road.

See the Sargent Avenue location review here.

UPDATE: My spies tell me that Ruby Slipper is for sale. If you're interested check out their ad on Kijiji.


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  1. Lovely review, dear Lisa. It's a shame that they don't stock much in the way of pre-60s clothes any more, but I find that such is becoming the case more and more often in recent years as the "well", so to speak, of mid-century vintage gradually dries up. It's interesting that the shop is for sale. I read their Kijiji ad and must say, that isn't a very big profit that they're pulling in for a retail shop (especially in relation to the time and hard work involved with running a shop). Perhaps that's part of the reason they're selling.

    ♥ Jessica


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