Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Outfits: 60's Blue & Green Border Print Dress

I bought this dress from Patti at WildWoodRose Vintage in the Exchange Uporium - a pop up shop in downtown Winnipeg featuring Winnipeg Etsy sellers. 

I was on my self imposed "no shopping fast" when I fell in love with this dress on the rack and instantly knew I was destined to cheat on my rule before I even tried it on. It has all my favourite colours (I mean, really...check out my house for proof). It's my favourite style: 50's/late 60's cotton sundress with a full skirt and it fits like a glove. Sorry rule...I had to have it. 

No regrets. Look how freakin' cute it is!!!!!!

The funny thing is that I already own a blue and green cotton sundress. I try not to buy too many similar dresses, but this one is juuuust different enough that I let that rule go too. Plus I knew I had many killer accessories (interchangeable between dresses) to go with this beauty.  

My hair is getting CRAZY long isn't it?! I need a trim - August, but I also wonder if it's time to get it cut shoulder-lengthish...probably not gonna happen yet. I'm not ready.. 

60's Blue & Green Border Print Cotton Sundress: WildWoodRose Vintage via Exchange Uporium
Green Butterfly Brooch: Ricki's Sample Sale
Bracelets: Thrifted
50's Bamboo Cage Purse: Thrifted, Value Village
Blue & Green Wedges: Kenneth Cole Reaction 



  1. That dress is just gorgeous! I can definitely see why you had to have it, it would have been a shame to let it go :3

  2. Swoon...swoon again...and again... :) That dress is such a stunner. It comprises so many elements I adore in vintage clothing, including a curve flattering shape, knee length (or longer) hem, and gorgeous floral print. It looks smashing on you, dear Lisa, and really makes your dark, beautiful eyes pop, may I add.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I don't blame you for getting the dress - it is stunning!!! It fits you perfectly and what a lovely color and style it is! I have a tendency to go for white+blue dresses so I'm guilty of having similar stuff in my wardrobe too ahahha!

  4. So glad you did a close up of the brooch I 100% thought it was part of the pattern on the dress! Your hair is long but looked nice I would maybe go half way between the length now and shoulder?

  5. So worthy of a break in your shopping fast! It is such a YOU dress! And just darling!!



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