Monday, July 7, 2014

Breaking with Tradition

I usually strive to wear as much vintage head to toe as I can on my birthday.

I had another vintage dress all picked out to wear to dinner yesterday, but once I repaired it (the fabric was shredding at the shoulder seams from being hung improperly) I decided it wasn't what I wanted to wear.

Deep down I knew I wanted to wear my new Jenny skirt in Burlesque print from Pinup Girl Clothing. So I broke with tradition and wore it.

Matching Vintage Pink Rhinestone Earrings and Necklace: Were my Grandma Nelsons
Beaded Black Bustier: Forever 21
Pink Flower Brooch (worn at waist): Smart Set
Jenny skirt in Burlesque Print: Pinup Girl Clothing
(unseen) Black Vintage Crinoline: gift from Krista
Black Peep Toe Pumps: thrifted, Value Village
Vintage Pink Shoe Clips: Ragpickers
(hard to see, but it's there) 30's/40's Black Cord Purse: thrifted, Value Village

We had dinner at Cibo Waterfront Cafe. The interior design and location on the Red River was beautiful. Our food was delicious, but we were a bit disappointed with the service - it wasn't terrible, but we expected more for the menu price point. We had fun regardless. 

My girls: Jenny on the left, Leyan on the right.

After dinner we went to a Winnipeg landmark: Nucci's Gelati.

I had an amazing day! I have the best friends - they are the ones that make it special. :)



  1. Well, happy birthday! You look beautiful!x

  2. The top was from forever21! I love how full the skirt looks a completely wonderful outfit and your laughing photos are always great. Glad you had a great b-day!

  3. That skirt is amazing! I think you made the right choice by wearing it.

    I live pretty close to Nucci's and am there far too often in the summer. So delicious!

  4. You look gorgeous. The skirt is just beautiful on you. I love the bold colors and it looks like there is so much happiness floating about:) A lovely post!

  5. That skirt is absolutely stunning! Wish I could pull off something like that x

    The perks of being a hipster

  6. So cute! Great outfit. And your friends look super-nice.

  7. You look sensational!!! So glam and vixen-eseque. You're the first blogger I've seen sport that fab skirt in person. It's so fun and flirty and really looks awesome on you (adore how you styled it, BTW). I hope the year ahead is every bit as wonderful as your birthday celebration was, sweet gal!

    ♥ Jessica


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