Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shop Your Closet: How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains

Not shopping has been a success since I last checked in with you folks. Working around the clock really helps. 

So I'm back to tending to the wardrobe that I currently have to make it as lovely and wearable as possible. Today we're talkin' laundry.

Summer is finally here and wearing all black has become impractical and too toasty. On inspection of my whites I noticed many of them were looking less than fresh. Ew.

TMI: I can be a bit sweaty in the underarm area if I don't wear the right antiperspirant. My heavy duty antiperspirant leads to yellowed stains in the underarms of all of my whites. Yup! It's not sweat itself that causes staining, it's the aluminium in antiperspirant combined with sweat that causes those unsightly pit stains.

I have tried many, many diy methods for pit stain removal and have found only ONE to work.
Enter: Oxyclean!!

I like the scent free powder version of Oxy personally. You can use it to make a paste to take out stubborn stains and it dissolves fairly easily in water to soak dingy clothes. My laundry room is never without this wonderful product.

Here's the grody before pic. This is my No Doubt Concert Tee. And to be honest, this stain looks better in the picture than in person (truth be told this will be my second application of Oxy to this poor, well loved t-shirt).

A small note about temperature before we get started. Heat sets in stains. Don't use hot or even warm water to soak or wash your clothes when you're attempting stain removal. And if you can manage, don't put them in the dryer after either - if you must, put them in on a cool setting, but preferably you should be hanging these garments to dry after washing.
And, resist the urge to bleach yellowed pit stains - bleach actually makes them worse if you can believe it.

Cleaning stains with Oxy is easy, you just need some time for it to do its work.

Get a little container (I use one of the plastic cups that comes with my liquid laundry detergent), pour in some Oxy and add cold water to make a paste. Gently rub a generous amount of the paste into the stain.

This is not what I would call a generous amount by the way...I applied more Oxy paste after I took this picture. 

Then let the clothes sit - the longer the better - so the paste can work its magic. I left mine for a few hours, but sometimes I forget about them and leave them overnight. Oxyclean is gentle on fabrics (even vintage!), so you don't have to worry about damaging your clothes by leaving the stain remover on too long.
You could also soak your clothes in cool water with more Oxy dissolved in it at this point as well - this helps if you have old, or stubborn stains. If you are soaking multiple items, soak like colours with like to avoid any possible colour bleed.
Old, set-in stains sometimes need a couple applications of Oxyclean before you get results.

Once they've sat for a few hours wash in your machine with cold water. Then hang them to dry.

Ta da! Like new!
Now I'm ready to put my hands in the air...and wave them like I just don't care...

Sorry...that was bad..

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored by Oxyclean. I really love this product!


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  1. Great post! I do not buy white because I stain it in no time. I also don't wear/buy t-shirts that sit too close to my armpits only tank tops as of lately... I will try this out next time I need to freshen up my pit stains, I think I always got discourage after only one application. I have a few vintage concert tees that could use some love.


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