Friday, June 27, 2014

I Was Bad, But It's Good News for You!

If you follow me on Instagram you may already know what I'm about to say.
I've been shopping again friends.

My spidey senses got tingling and I had to hit up the thrift store...and as usual, my spidey sense was right on. I took home a nice little collection of 30's/40's purses for my collection, a pretty pink slip and a 50's faux pearl necklace.

And I broke and bought the Jenny skirt with Burlesque print from Pin Up Girl Clothing. I just had. to. have. it. *sigh*

Habits are hard to break and I really like thrift shopping. It relaxes me. It's my alone time. What can I say? Vintage is my drug of choice.
In some ways I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I couldn't keep myself from shopping in the last few months, but on the other hand, this challenge has kept me from shopping too much. I've been relatively good in comparison. Baby steps.

So this is what I'm getting at. I've bought some clothes, but I've also decided its time once again to let go of some of the things languishing in my closet. And instead of selling them to a local seller (like I always do), I thought I would offer them up to you first. I've got a big batch of dresses and other bits I'd like to pass along to their next home. I'll be putting them up for sale on my other blog Butterflies and Daisys Vintage Closet. I take PayPal payments and if you live in Winnipeg we can meet up to save you the shipping cost. I'll give you all the dirty details next week when I start posting stuff.

In the meantime, here's a little preview of some of the things I'll be selling.



  1. Nice haul! Thrifting is my drug of choice as well!

  2. Following the new closet blog now:) I am shocked those purses made it through the 50% off sale I went on the friday to check things out (I really don't mind paying full price at the thrift) I saw the gold one as you know and the velvet one as well, not the corde one it may have gone home with me... I had already bought a purse this month so I had to be good! I find if I thrift I am way better at not buying things online it seems to balance things out. It looks like you have been doing a good job though better than me!

  3. I've been buying exceedingly little (minus a few items in Vancouver, simply because it's so very rare for me to be in a big city with so many shopping options in person that it would be foolish of me, I think, not to avail of at least a few of them), too, but like yourself recently made three purchase, all online. One 50s novelty print skirt, one 70s novelty print skirt (that will be a cinch to style in either a 40s or 50s direction), and one (very needed) white 1950s blouse. I find that mini sprees like this help tide me over for quite a while usually, especially (as is the case here) when each item arrives from a different seller and often on different days, so I get to enjoy "presents" to myself on three separate days. I admire your determination to not purchase too much and think you made some great, timelessly pretty buys here.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. LOVE all your purchases, especially the golden bag in the first photo! It reminds me of a 1920s bag I have that I haven't dug out for a while! Enjoy wearing all your lovely new items! :) xxx

  5. ohhhh those purses, pretty. Love the Burlesque print so much as well! Saw it in person at VIVA and I was trying too see if I had money in the bottom of my very empty wallet (dang all that great vintage shopping there) to buy it lol! Sadly no, but I'm glad that it found a good home. Looking forward to seeing future pictures.

    Love your blog! Glad that Jessica from Chronically Vintage posted it for all to see.

    Liz-Vintage Inn


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