Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Friday Link Love #11 (on a Tuesday and after a small hiatus)

Friday Link Love took a small internet hiatus, but it's back now. You can rest easy.  ;)

And yes, I know it's Tuesday..I couldn't wait until Friday to share these links with you folks. Enjoy!

  • Any of you who know me in person knows I love to cook. I am currently loving The Pioneer Woman's website. Ree makes delicious looking food and is very funny too. 
  • And if there was one chef who I am loving even more than Ree Drummond right now, hands down, it would have to be Jamie Oliver. Especially his 15 minute meals. I've made a few so far and they've all been AMAZING!! I borrowed his 15 minute meals cook book from a friend, but I must go buy my own now. He's a freakin genius, that man...
Served it up just like this too - on a big platter with the tzatziki in the middle. The Boy and I ate until we were stuffed. 

  • I've been obsessed with checking out other blogger's posts from the Viva Las Vegas 17 weekender. I really want to go one of these years, but am still trying to convince The Boy it would be good fun. (Trips are a tough sell for him. boo.) Here are a few bloggers with great photos from the event...one day...
                  - The Rockabilly Socialite
                  - Vintage Vandalizm
                  - Incendiary Blonde
                  - Technicolor Cutie
  • And speaking of rockabilly weekenders. Winnipeg's second annual River City Rumble is on this summer in August! Sadly, I missed the weekender last year (it was the only warm weekend to spend at the lake!), but I'm determined to check it out this year. 

Looks like fun huh? I've never been to a rockabilly weekender, but there's a first time for everything! They're also having a Pin Up Contest which I'm very tempted to enter, but I might be a bit too shy...we'll see what happens! lol!


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  1. That does look like fun - big time!!! I've never been to a rockabilly event either, in part because at least here in Penticton, there's almost nothing of that nature (for the last two year's I've been the only vintage wearer at our town's annual classic car show and I haven't spotted a single rockabilly person there either), but I'd totally be game for giving it a go if we did as well.

    ♥ Jessica


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