Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wishlist: Vintage Wicker "Figural" Handbag

I'm trying not to shop. I should really stay away from Etsy right now...seriously.

This past weekend while I tortured myself with online browsing I decided my purse collection isn't complete without at least one of these vintage sculptural handbags. And I don't want a fish or a horse head. I want something kooky, like these guys! (ok, fine, let's be honest...I'd be cool with a fish...)

buy it here!

My new holy grail. These bags are retailing for $400-600 online, but hopefully I can snag one for under $ never know...Winnipeg vintage is priced strangely...if one crossed my path at the right price this spring I may have to break my no shopping rule. damn.



  1. I will keep an eye out for one of these while thrifting for you:) I quite like the elephant. I am sure if there was one locally you would be ably to snag it for under $100 or much less I think months of winter and shopping online have messed with my view on prices a lot of things seem cheaper to me now.
    I broke and paid retail for an embroidered purse. It is not like yours (not going to be twins just yet) I still have the feeling I will be able thrift a black one, one day. My finds will be up in a post shortly.

  2. These bags are so cute! I would love to own any of them! I collect unique handbags too and can't get enough of them! Hopefully you can find one in your budget! :)


  3. ok ... now i want an elephant wicker purse ... let's see what i will find on the huge first of may-flea market here in berlin ... we're leaving right now. ;)


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