Monday, April 21, 2014

Shopping at Home

The sun is out today and I felt the shop. For all the things I think my wardrobe is in desperate need of. I always go on a little shopping spree in the spring. It's never planned, one purchase leads to another, leads to another...then I find myself browsing online. "Oooo! That's a cute top. I could use that. And shoes...I probably need more shoes.."

Yikes! In reality, I have so many clothes that all of my racks and closets are packed. I am running out of room to store almost everything.

Conclusion: I have enough clothes.

So I'm going to shop my own closet this spring. Stick around as I post weekly about shopping my own closet. Or join me! Shop your own closet this spring and let me know how you're doing!

I predict more of this in my future

The game plan:
Mend and alter a few things I've had sitting around (a blouse and two dresses come to mind at the moment).
I also need to do some spot cleaning on a few items. (I've got a tutorial planned to share with you).
And a small pile to go to the dry cleaners.

And now that I've said all that I will throw in one caveat. I, in fact, have 2 holes in my current wardrobe that I will try and fill this spring. Two items on the shopping list only:

  1. a cute pair of navy or black high waisted sailor shorts. I've always wanted a pair and every summer I wish I had remembered and bought some when I had cash.
  2. navy flats. mine died when I went to Israel and I haven't replaced them since. 
These will be the only two things I am allowed to buy (except socks and underwear). And only if I find the right ones. 

I think this is going to be a tough challenge for me. I've already decided in the last two minutes that "this will be easy" then immediately after thought "no, this is going to be hard", as I thought about a cute pair of patterned flats I saw at Joe Fresh a week and a half, they weren't navy...damn.



  1. Super cool!!! I'm spending next to nothing on myself/my wardrobe this year, too, as I need to focus my budget elsewhere (on far less glamorous and, for the most part, fun things, I assure you) and started to shop my wardrobe towards the end of last year, continuing to do so now in 2014, so I'm even more excited to follow along with your own plans and outcomes on that front, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I totally hear you! My closets are packed too! Even after the big clean out! I really admire this project you're taking on. It takes a huge amount of self control. As for myself, I will not be joining in the project, but I know your journey will be inspirational and very, very helpful!



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