Monday, April 28, 2014

Shop Your Closet: Take Inventory

So far I've avoided shopping. It's not that hard when I'm at home for weeks on end, but I start work downtown a short walk from some of my favourite vintage shops next week, so that will be a game changer.

To help battle the urge to fill my closet and empty my wallet simutaniously I've decided to take inventory of all my recent purchases. How recent? Anything I've bought recently enough for it to feel new. Anything with tags still attached (thrift store tags count). Timeline will change from person to person.

If you're following along at home you don't need to photograph all your purchases like I did (I'm doing it for blog posterity), make a list, or lay them all out together on your bed and admire them. Try them on if you'd like. Whatever floats your boat.

I bought this gauzy summer dress for a song (less than $30 with shipping!!) trolling through Etsy this winter (I may or may not have been in the middle of calling I show when I bought it!). For all of my frivolous vintage purchasing (and there's a lot of it!), summer dresses will never be in that lot. I live in them in the hotter months and I predict this dress will be worth every penny spent. 

Speaking of frivolous vintage spending! I bought this pretty late 40's/early 50's taffeta party dress from a local antique dealer for $20 while I was prop shopping for Ivanov. The colour is not so day-glow in person, I had a really difficult time getting a good picture of it. In person it's much more deep pinky-red. Really pretty. I just couldn't resist the pretty beading - all intact! The fact that it has its original belt and IT HAS POCKETS! 

Bought this LBD for $14 at a Value Village at Halloween. I was looking for a sweater for The Boy's costume and snapped this up (literally. It was hanging in the end of a rack as I walked by - I barely stopped as I grabbed it). I'm dying to wear it out somewhere. It's stunning in person and fits me like a glove.

This summer dress was one of my most recent purchases. I bought it from the Osborne Antique Market while out with Daphne from Vixage. I am so excited about this dress. Polka Dots!! Seriously. Oh, and it has pockets. Noticing a trend yet?

This Scottish kilt jacket was a gift from a friend. I fell in love with it at Vintage Glory, but couldn't afford it, so he bought it for me. Isn't that amazing! I'm excited to wear it with jeans and heels. I think it's gonna look so freakin cool. 

This dress is also from Vintage Glory. Looks like a bag on the hanger, it's stunning on. I'll be wearing it when it gets a bit warmer out, before it gets too warm for sleeves.  I'll try and remember to photograph it so you can see how beautiful it is. 

A hat from Vintage Glory. Love the feathers. Looks amazing on. 

50's taffeta, flocked striped midi skirt from Vintage Glory. $25 and was worth every penny. I've worn it at least half a dozen times since I bought it in November. I dread the day when internet prices for vintage invade this city. 

I've also bought a small collection of t-shirts I've bought second hand in the past few weeks. Some of mine bit the dust and I needed some "new" ones. The grey one has become a staple already - the stripes are sparkly!!

And this pretty pink cardigan. $3 on sale at Goodwill. It's incredibly soft and I love the pattern. 

Vintage rhinestone bedazzled sweater I picked up at Value Village for $5. It's very cute on with a skirt or high waisted jeans. 

More clutches and a purse for the collection (is there a Vintage Purses Anonymous I can join?).

Picked up these cute wedges second hand this winter too. 

And some brooches I've picked up second hand and on Etsy recently as well (not the ones in the tray).

And I've also picked up these things new from the dreaded mall in the last few months. A peplum top bought on sale ($19) from Le Chateau, a green polka dot sweater from Ricki's and new black skinny jeans from Forever 21. This post is actually a pretty good representation of how much new to second hand clothing I buy. It's staggering really how much of my wardrobe comes from the thrift store. 

I wanted this list to be pretty exhaustive, I didn't really want to leave anything out (and I think I have). I had convinced myself that I hadn't done much shopping this winter, when in fact I've added a lot of things to my wardrobe and I didn't really realize how much until I started photographing everything. 

This exercise had done two things for me 
1. Reminded me that I have A LOT of new things in my closet - many of which can be worn now and into the summer months 
2. Was another wake up call as to why I am taking on this "Shop at Home" project - to curb my spending. Yikes. I did a lot. 

I'm really glad I did this before I start work downtown next week. Spending time looking through my closet for newer items has cemented in my brain further that I do not need to buy more clothes. I'll try and remember that when I'm tempted to stop into the vintage shops on my lunch break. Wish me luck!



  1. What a nice collection of beautiful pieces. Yes, we don't realize how much we have until we go through it. I have too many clothes from the perspective of not wearing what I have often enough. I should follow your example and cut back on shopping.

  2. Love this post yet again. Your posts like this make me want to go out and shop! I have literally only bought one sweater since December and maybe a few brooches one purse I never seem to find clothes in the thrift or vintage shops I like... The black dress and skirt from Vintage Glory is so lovely!! I loved this quote "I dread the day when internet prices for vintage invade this city" when I was downtown last week I was super happy at our reasonable prices!
    Patti of wild rose is having a pop up shop on McDermid starting May 15th at the old Cake clothing location to add more temptation to you being downtown for work.
    I will most likely be back downtown again this week I find I always need a second look with vintage.

  3. Nice finds! It is getting harder to find vintage at the thrift stores (they seem to put the bulk of it out Sept.-Oct. for Halloween). One place that maintains a vintage rack is MCC in Steinbach. I have found some fantastic things there recently. Great Blog!

  4. Lovely pieces!! I love that very first sundress and your '50s midi skirt. I could learn a lot from you--I've bought much more this winter than I ever intended to! Good luck keeping the shopping bug at bay!


  5. That silver filigree butterfly brooch - I have the exact same one!!

    You've had quite a haul recently, haven't you?! It wasn't until I did a post about 'Did I Wear It, Was It Worth It?' that I realised just how much I had been buying and how much was a waste, so I think it's really helpful to keep track of purchases. I love what you picked out, especially the dress that you said looks like a bag on the hanger but looks nice on! Can't wait to see you in it.

    P x

  6. i love that bedazzled sweater! ah! i'm having a stressful time shopping lately -- i'm trying to only buy things i love, and of good quality, and also trying to keep my wardrobe under control. i'd also like to try and find my 25-year old style. bah.


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