Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shop Your Closet: Getting Inspired

As a long time shopaholic I know how easy it is to talk yourself into buying new clothes because you're missing something for that "perfect outfit".

But, as a long time shopaholic with a closet stuffed, I also know (deep, deep down, much to my dismay) that my closet is fully stocked and ready to tackle any inspirational outfit.

So for this week's post on shopping your own closet I've compiled some amazing looks I've been coveting on Pintrest and replicated them from items in my own closet - the key is interpretation.

The first look is all about the hat for me. I love my raccoon fur hat and have been on the lookout for ways to keep wearing it this spring.

My interpretation is similar. I've duplicated all of the major elements to the best of my ability: the black jacket, the burgundy pants(in my case, red) and black and gold accessories. The biggest liberty I've taken with my interpretation is in the scarf. I opted for a vintage floral scarf instead of black to give my outfit some more interest. 

 * Vintage Raccoon Fur Hat: Canadian Costume Museum Gift Shop * Vintage Floral Scarf: was my Grandma Cotton's * Black Blazer: Ricki's * Black Stretch Belt with Gold Buckle: was my Grandma Nelson's * Red Corduroy Skinnies: Forever 21 * Black Suede Boots: Ragpickers * Vintage Persian Purse: thrifted *

The next outfit is from Nora Finds. This is a great look for spring. I love the green and red colour combination - it feels fresh without looking christmas-y. 

I opted for a dark teal cardigan instead of green. None of my green cardigans looked quite as good as Nora's. I rarely ever wear scarves as headbands this way and I forget how cute they can look. I also threw on two co-ordinating bracelets - once I had everything on I felt I was lacking some jewelry. I also felt a bit strange not wearing a belt (I wear one every day), but am surprised how nice this look still is without one. Proof that interpreting outfits can stretch your comfort zone and get you thinking about your wardrobe in different ways. 

* Vintage Silk Scarf: Ragpickers * Dark Teal Beaded Cardigan: Reitmans, thrifted * Red Embroidered Bustier: Suzy Shier * High Waisted Jeans: Forever 21 * Bracelets: thrifted * Hot Pink Ballet Flats: thrifted * Vintage Bamboo Purse: thrifted *

You know I love a casual outfit. I don't know why, but this next look speaks to me. So I knew I had to add it to this list. 

unsourced via Pintrest

My biggest dilemma in replicating this outfit was that I don't own a 'Coke' t-shirt or anything else with a logo on it. So I took some inspiration from the colour and went with this striped tee that I own. Again, the look felt a little sparse without some accessories, so I added a large red flower brooch and a leather braided belt to make this look my own. I usually wear this tee with red flats, but I love how it looks with my black and white brogues. This look is a definite keeper. 

I've saved the best for last. I've coveted this outfit for quite some time now. I have several shots of it from different angles pinned on Pintrest. This stylish lady was part of the Tweed Run in London. This look is all about the pattern mixing and bold colour combination. 

I decided to make my outfit more monochromatic due to the selection in my wardrobe. I focused my interpretation on texture and pattern play. I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to wear this outfit out before it warms up too much. 
* 60's Faux Croc Hat: Ragpickers * Vintage Fox Stole: gift from Kim * Velvet Blazer: thrifted * Pink Cardigan: thrifted * Vintage Lace Camisole: thrifted * Vintage Leather Belt: thrifted * Black Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 * Vintage Burgundy Snakeskin Clutch: gift from Jen * Purple Booties: Steve Madden *

I had fun examining my wardrobe, comparing it to these inspiring images and playing dress up in my closet. As you can see, inspiration photos can be a great way to help you see your closet with fresh eyes. The trick is to avoid the trap of wanting to replicate an outfit to the letter and instead let the colours, the patterns or the silhouette help you when you construct your own version.



  1. I love this post-- it truly speaks to me! I've been having this problem ever since spring got here. Since I've packed half my wardrobe away for winter, I keep thinking, "Oh, I don't have one of those for spring!" or "Oh, summer's coming! I should probably buy new shorts!" (When I know I don't need to.)

    This is a nice reminder that we don't have to go out and buy completely new wardrobes in order to shake things up. I especially love the way you styled the last look. You can absolutely see the inspiration, but it still has your own twist on it. Very, very chic.


  2. What an awesomely fun, creative way to shop your own closet! I love the looks you created here every bit, and in some cases more than, the originals. Fantastic job on each and every one of them!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. This is an amazing post! I love your pintrest board and all your fashion inspiration. So good to try and re-create some of your favorite looks. My closet on the other hand in so bare! I pretty much wear the same things all the time and when I do add pieces they are ones that are completely not wearable (I am talking fur and gold here). Adding more basic items is on my to-do list this spring and summer. Keep up the great work:)

  4. That outfit with the Coke shirt really speaks to me too! I simply love it!

    Fab job interpreting various outfits!


  5. I love this post! It's really neat to see the inspiration and the execution... and proves that there are lots of choices to be had in ones own closet. I really should do this too, I'm forever looking in and saying "now, if only I had a ________"....


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