Saturday, April 19, 2014

Outfits: Uniform

Do you ever find yourself wearing a kind of "you" uniform? You know, that certain silhouette or combination of garments that makes you feel really comfortable in your own skin? The one that you instinctually gravitate towards? Perhaps almost daily?
Well this has been mine.

It's been such a frigid winter. I haven't worn a skirt since the fall and I'm still not quite ready. I've also been forgoing heels for these converse (I have an all black pair too) or my ankle boots since the sidewalks have become dry. My outfits have been some version of this for months now. Sometimes a bit more dressed up, but never more dressed down than this. 

You gotta wear what feels right. Not what you think everyone else expects you to wear. 

Black Beret: thrifted
Leopard Print Scarf: Ricki's
Vintage Leather Jacket: Vintage Glory
Teal Beaded Cardigan: thrifted
Black and White Polka Dot Tee: thrifted
Black Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Vintage Floral Purse: thrifted
Converse High Tops:



  1. Lookin' good, Lisa! Stylish clothes. And I like your bangs. They're distinctive and cool.

  2. I tend to love all your outfit posts. The accessories make the outfit and you know I think that bag is fab! I am bummed I passed on that scarf at Rickis years ago it has such a nice colouring for a leopard scarf.

    1. The colouring on that scarf is pretty good. It's not too brown, or too grey, it's a nice mix. I bought it for $1 at the Ricki's sample sale when I worked $1 I've ever spent, I think. lol!


  3. Yes! I totally hear this! Last fall I wore my Freddies so much, and lately I've been finding myself back in that same boat! Freddies and a sweater or Freddies and a western shirt, and if I go out, a fringe leather jacket of some sort.

    This outfit is really great! It is hip and cool, but is still also unique! Love it!


    1. Thank you Janey!

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who resorts to their uniform over and over again. I'm sure everyone has their own version.


  4. Love this cool meets chic meet vintage outfit! My uniform tends to consist of either a vintage shirtwaist dress and some colourful accessories or a pencil skirt and cardigan, with or without another thin knit or different shirt underneath, usually then paired with pearls or a beaded 50s necklace. Either will see me through almost any non-super formal setting and are sooo darn comfy to sport, while still looking very polished and put together.

    ♥ Jessica


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