Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Kitchen Update - Just the Beginning...

If you've been stalking following me on Instagram you will already know my Kitchen is mostly back together. By mostly I mean that we still have to install shelf liner in the cupboards and drawers (the liner I liked on Amazon takes 3 weeks to get so we put almost everything back in the meantime for some normalcy), replace the switches and instal the new light we bought above the sink.

Here's what it looks like this morning (we're not sure about all of the stuff above the cupboards yet - might change, might get vitto'd completely).

Just to remind you, here's the before.

It really is amazing what some sweat equity and 4 gallons of paint will do for a space. It's like a whole new kitchen. I, for one, couldn't be happier! I love to cook and the old kitchen made me depressed. 

So now we're on to phase two of the kitchen remodel. We're replacing the countertops, the flooring, knocking down a wall, moving some electrical and building an island. I know it seems a bit ass backwards to paint and then remove the countertops, but I didn't really have The Boy on board when I started painting, I just did it expecting it would stay the way it is right now for another 5 years. I didn't expect him to get really excited and start picking out flooring and light fixtures with me...not that I'm complaining! ;)

Most of you who've been hanging around for a number of years might remember how our living room and dining room look and when I redecorated those rooms a few years ago. 

more living room posts and pictures here

more dining room posts and pictures here 

These two rooms pretty much look like those photos today - even my still unpainted dining room table and chairs...this is what happens when I leave stuff up to The

So, to give you some geography of our space - when you sit in the floral chair in our living room you face a dividing wall between the kitchen and these two spaces. It's hideous - because we've never painted it due to the fact that we have planned all along to knock it down, so I've never posted it on the blog.
Until now!!! Complete with my pile of donations from the kitchen and my painting supplies piled right there.

Yup. Right behind that ugly wall - The Boy likes to call that colour 'Dirty Old Bra', our entire house was painted that colour when we moved in - is my pretty kitchen. And that walls days are numbered my friends.

I'll be sure you keep you all updated as the kitchen progresses. I'll be busy in the next week painting another room in our house that the fish tank will be going to live in. We figured it would be better to paint it now rather than have to move it twice, moving a fish tank is A LOT of work.

Then, wall knocking down time. hehe...I can't wait.



  1. Wow, it looking seriously fabulous!!! I'm a fan of items stored (intentionally and visually appealingly) on top of cupboards as you've done here, but I do think it helps a lot to fill out as much of the space with a reasonable of items as possible (that way it's more like an exhibit than just a seemingly random storage space).

    Your whole home is truly beautiful, Lisa!

    ♥ Jessica


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