Friday, February 28, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 4

I was actually planning on showing you more clutches today, but upon my friend Daphne's request I decided to photograph some of my larger purses instead (all of which I've discovered in photographing them are black or tooled leather! lol!).

You'll recognize this first one. It's easily my most used purse. Or accessory even, for that matter.
If you've been reading my blog for a long time you've probably heared this story, but I bought this purse at Value Village for $7. I almost didn't buy it. I can't remember now whether I was worried about spending the money, or if I had a lot of other things in my cart already, or what it was. But I do remember humming and hawing over whether to take this one home with me. And now that it's such a staple in my wardrobe I can't even imagine why I wondered. It goes with everything!! I'd like to find a similar needlepoint purse in a light colour - that's on my wish list right now for sure.

This purse was given to me by one of The Boy's friends mothers. Follow? ;) She gave it to me along with a short raccoon fur coat. They belonged to her mother and no one in her family wanted them. She knew I would give them a good home. And I did. This purse looks small, but is deceivingly large inside. The bottom is quite wide and I was surprised at how much I could fit in it. (I also love the metal hinged handle! haha!)

I've had this next one so long I can't remember where it came from. Gift? Ragpickers? Thrifted? I had an obsession with 50's black patent purses for a while in my early 20's and this hails from that time. It's got all sorts of neat pockets and dividers inside.

I bought this purse at Ragpickers before I worked there. I must have been 19 or 20. It's easily one of my first vintage purchases from an actual vintage shop (I'd been buying vintage in thrift stores for years at that time already). I couldn't believe it was 50's. It was so modern looking! And again, I couldn't resist the interesting handle. lol!!

Another buy from Ragpickers when I worked there. This was my go-to purse before I bought the needlepoint one. You can see the handle needs some repair I used it so much.

The thing I love about this purse is the red interior. So pretty.

This patent purse is another newer addition. It was a gift as well - from a relative stranger in fact! The Boy and I went to a birthday part for a friend of a friend. I ended up talking to some girl that night about my look and I told her I collected vintage. She told me she had a purse of her grandmothers she should give me. Never happened. I forgot about the whole incident (probably also brought on by the wine I had been drinking that night!) and an entire year later we're hanging out with The Boy's friend and he says "Hey Lisa, I have a purse from that girl from Tom's party." I had NO IDEA what he was talking about. He gave me the purse and we discussed it a bit and the events of the evening started to come back to me. Random!! But kinda cool. And now I have that neat story and this beautiful purse! The white bar is mother of pearl and did not photograph too well. It's really pretty person.

Another oldie, but goodie you've seen on the blog before. My favourite tooled leather handbag. Bought at Value Village for less than $20.

I love the detail in these bags. This is the bottom.

I bought this bag at another VV in the city last Halloween. Also less than $20. I had been thinking about selling it, but I'll likely hang on to it for a while. It's bigger than my other tooled bag and the straps fit over my shoulder. I really like the deeper colour of this bag as well - kind of like caramel.

The back of this bag.

So there you go! Most of my larger handbags! I think I've got two more posts coming your way to round out this series (I think I've said that at the end of each one! haha! I've got more bags than I thought, I guess.): Summer wicker and straw handbags and my black clutches. Stay Tuned!

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  1. mmmm thanks! Still looking for an embroidered piece, it is so weird how items you almost don't buy turn out to be your favorite. I go through phases where $7 is too much and then others where it seems so cheap compared to vintage retail. I broke and bought a tooled leather bag off etsy. Once it arrives I will be able to do my post like this. In my post I will have a few that I have been debating on donating if any of them strike your fancy just let me know:)

  2. My jaw is so far on the ground its risking going straight on through to the basement! :) Seriously, darling gal, your purse collection is museum (or book) worthy. I've loved every installment in this post series, but this one really, really took the cake for me as I'm a passionate fan of both tooled leather and embroidered (and tapestry) bags.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Love your tooled leather! Obviously! lol, I have quite the tooled leather problem! Your pat leather ones are fab too!



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