Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good-bye. Hello! (OR Thank God for the Internet)

I have a little story to tell you today that starts out sad, but has a happy ending.

First let me introduce you to my favourite brooch:

There he is (yes, for some reason the little butterfly is a he). I bought him while I was working at Ragpickers in university. I love butterflies (if you couldn't tell already from my blog name) and I was instantly enamoured by his diminutive size and intricate metalwork details. I have no clue from what era he hailed from, but it didn't matter. I loved him anyway. 

Here he is hanging out among the flowers:

He always seemed to round out any collection of brooches on my lapel. He was a good bug. 

Well…I lost him. 

Last year while we were on the Munsch Tour. He was pinned to one of my cardigans and disappeared one day in some school somewhere in Winnipeg. 
I held it together all day after I found out he'd gone missing. When I got home I wept. Such a silly thing to cry over a lost brooch, but I was devastated that he was gone. That I had done him wrong and lost him - my favourite. That's not how we treat the things we love. 

That was almost a year ago now. And maybe just like buying a puppy after your trusted old hound passes away, I was finally ready for a new butterfly. It occurred to me last week that I might find a similar brooch for sale online. And boy was I right. 

Today my new little buddy was shipped out from California - I'm so excited! Here he is:

Very similar. And naturally, I have made a vow to safeguard him better than his predecessor. Wish me luck!

If you like this brooch I have many more styles saved on my Favourites list on Etsy. Check them out!



  1. That brooch is lovely! Even thought i'm a little afraid of butterflies ( i know it's stupid, but sometimes they chase people and i freak out), i bet he will be very happy hanging arount with the flowers :)))

  2. What a coincidence - I have that EXACT same brooch!! Mine is silver, a present from my Grandmother after she went to Venice in the 1980s. Yours could be silver too, so try cleaning it up with some special solution? Mine has got dull with age, but I remember it used to be super shiny.

    So glad you got a replacement!
    P x

  3. What a sweet anecdote. Your butterfly is so cute. I know how emotionally attached we can get to such friends. This post is special.

  4. Oh I have been here and it is always heartbreaking! But I am so glad you found another guy!

    Also, since you love butterflies you should take a peek at this dress:


  5. How wonderful that your story was able to end on a happy note. To date, I've only lost one item of vintage clothing (a beloved blue c. 1940s hat that blew off somewhere during - I'm only not sure where, we were many places in two different towns that day) during a windy snow storm earlier this winter, and not only did I cry later that night two, but it took a week or more before my mood perked up again. I was all but beside myself with sadness about losing a genuine vintage article of clothing and have worn a hat pin in my hat (unless it secures on with ties or some other means) ever since. Wearing a wig, my head isn't as sensitive to additional pressure on it, which I think is how I didn't notice the hat had gone astray whenever it did. All this to say that I can wholeheartedly relate to what you went through and am elated for you that you found such a close match to your original butterfly pin (I hope I have the same luck with that hat - it was one of the first vintage ones I ever bought, so it was rather near and dear to my heart).

    ♥ Jessica


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