Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Link Love #4

Lots of sartorial inspiration for this edition of Friday Link Love. Enjoy!

  • You know how I love leopard print. If you do too, you must check out this round up of vintage photos featuring leopard print on Johannas blog

  • This post on Dear Golden Vintage about french artist Claire Basier. Aren't those spaces so beautiful?! I wish I could paint…my house needs a mural. Click the link to see more amazing images from this artist!

  • This incredibly beautiful image taken by photographer Marcin Ryczek.



  1. There is an indefinable amount of chic glamour flowing though all of these photos of stylish ladies from around the world (as well as in Joanna's fab leopard post). Just the tres chic note I needed to kick this grey, ol' January weekend off on, thank you, sweet gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Lisa. Thank you very much for your perceptive blog-comment. What you grasp is true. A wave of rare euphoria comes over me when I can "be myself." In male clothing, I'm performing a role; acting out an inauthentic self. I'm usually grumpy from having to do that chore. During brief moments when I can be my true self, joy radiates out from my heart and I can't hide it. Nor do I want to.


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