Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Hoard is Growing

I was really hoping to show you my face today...I had planned on getting warmly dolled up, taking some outfit photos and heading out to run some crucial errands. It's my last weekend off before we start the northern leg of our tour  next weekend (I'll out of town for all of February except for a day and a half).

But, as usual, life has another plan for me. If you remember I was ill at New Years and I haven't really gotten much better. I am still stuffed up, coughing and have a runny nose a month later. So I dragged myself out of bed this morning and headed to the walk in clinic in my neighbourhood bright and early.
And thank god I did...two hours later I left being told that I have an upper respiratory infection (which is apparently different than bronchitis or pneumonia). So have a fistful of pills to take this week and have relegated myself to the couch for the day to rest. So here I am - not completing my gigantic to do list - instead I'm in my pjs with dirty hair and no makeup...not too pretty people...

So instead I'll show you some of the loot I have recently acquired for the hoard collection.

I bought clutch and this dish (which my mother tells me is the bottom of a butter dish - I plan on putting rings and other baubles in it.) in Lorette, MB while we were performing at the elementary school there last week.

More clutches (I can't resist them..). This one is 70's, I think, but I love the mesh and the size. It's perfect to take out dancing since I can throw it over my shoulder and keep my hands free.

The pearl clutch needs one half of the snap sewn back on (It's still there - it's just come off of the fabric), but I really loved the design on the front.

There were a plethora of necklaces at Value Village when I was there. I made myself choose just one and this beauty was the winner. I love the starburst design and coloured stones. I think it's 40's because of the metal. Any insights? I'm terrible at dating jewelry..

This brooch was another VV find. I bought it a number of weeks ago. I'm not sure how old it is, but I love it's graphic deco look. It's shell inlaid into the plastic. I've worn it both horizontally and vertically and think it would look great pinned to a hat!

All summer last year I wished I had a black rattan purse, so when I found this one the other day I couldn't resist. It's a pretty decent size (I'll be able to fit my wallet, iPhone and sunglasses in it) and the beading is kinda like polka dots!

I bought this case  to store my small, but growing glove collection.(for a hat? anyone?) It's not as large as it looks in the photo - it's about 11" wide across the front)

And last, but not least, I just had to show you these jars (I bought them before Christmas at the MCC thrift store in Portage La Prairie for a two dollars a piece with lids! Love the colour...they are proudly displayed on a shelf in the dining room.

Ok...that's enough for today I think! I'll show my face again before the end of the month...once I get some more meds into me and start feeling like myself again.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Lunch Prep

The two schools we're touring to today are both within 15 minutes of my house. So I decided that we would eat lunch at my house. We had a local actor host us for lunch between shows last week and it was such a treat to be able to relax in someone's home, eat the delicious food she made for us and recharge before our next show. I couldn't resist inviting the cast over today.

I love entertaining and I've thoroughly enjoyed planning and prepping for this afternoon's lunch.
Truth be told, I didn't have time to prepare opening night gifts for the cast (it's tradition to give small gifts or cards to everyone who worked on the show on opening night) and I really love this cast so it's the perfect opportunity to thank them.

I wanted lunch to feel really special, so I decided to use all my vintage coloured glasswear and ironstone to serve lunch. I prepped and arranged everything yesterday. My crockpot, bread machine and coffee maker are all set to turn on at the correct times so lunch is hot and ready to be eaten when we walk in the door. 

For lunch I'm serving:

Homemade Crockpot Chilli 
and fixin's
Sour Cream, Green Onions, Grated Cheese and Multigrain Chips

Homemade Bread and Butter


For desert:

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies


Iced Tea 
Bottled Water

Sounds like a lot, but we are ravenously hungry! We unload and load the van (which contains our set, costumes and props) as well as perform the high energy show (well, the actors do, I sit and run sound while they act) at each school. It really works up our appetite!

I'm excited to have my peeps over today. I'll be sure to post some photos from lunch later this week.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outfits: Red Pants

Did you miss me? Here I am! First outfit post of 2013!

The Boy and I went out last Saturday night for nachos and beer with some friends and this is what I wore. I was really tempted to get dressed up in a dress or skirt, but if you live in Winnipeg you know how casual Carlos and Murphy's is so I took some inspiration from this post last week and wore my red cords instead.

It's become ridiculously cold here anyway, so cords were a much warmer option.

Sometimes I wish I was blogging from somewhere in the world that gets more daylight this time of year. I always struggle to take photos before the sun starts to set. Hence, how grainy these ones are. It was 5:00pm and the sun was quickly disappearing.
I know you'll forgive me! :)

I love this necklace. I have quite a few amazing statement necklaces I've bought from Le Chateau. This one put me back $45, but has been worth every penny. I wear it a lot and get tons of compliments. Plus, when I'm feeling less than inspired it jazzes up an black outfit in an second - instant style! Can't go wrong with that!

Pearl and Enamel Necklace: Le Chateau
Polka Dot Tee: Thrifted
Black Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Vintage Black Grosgrain Belt: from Aunt Mary
Red Cords: Forever 21
Suede Boots: George (Walmart)
Houndstooth Purse: Aldo
Lippy: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Gothic


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stalk Me at Work

I haven't really talked much about my most recent stage managing job. I am currently stage managing the school tour at Prairie Theatre Exchange called "Magical Mystery Munsch"

This is our set

Similar to the last school tour I stage managed. We will be touring in Winnipeg for the first leg (about 3 weeks) and then we're headed out of town to northern Manitoba for another 3 weeks straight, after which we'll be in and out of town for a few days at a time until the middle of March.

The cast and I will be blogging about our experiences while we're on the road. I thought you all might like a little insight into what I do.
So here's the link so you can stalk me at work! haha!

There's not much up there now - we start the tour today, but keep checking in! It will get really interesting when we head up north in February!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Grandma's Pearls

Unlike last year, I have not yet done a round up of my Christmas gifts. And I don't plan to...I would, however, like to show you the best thing I got for Christmas this year though.

My Grandma Cotton's pearls.

My Mom inherited these pearls when Grandma passed away and I have always coveted them. My Grandfather bought them for her as a gift and I think they are just beautiful.

I was never even allowed to wear them when my Mom had them. I knew one day I would call them my own, but I always imagined that day to be much further in the future.

the clasp - so pretty!

I was so surprised and touched when I opened them on Christmas morning. I wore them for a week straight. Thanks Mom! Love you lots! xoxo


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Inspiration: Rockabilly Style

I don't listen to rockabilly music and I'm not covered in tattoos, but I am always inspired by kick ass rockabilly style, especially when I'm dressing more casually.

I love the mix of vintage, toughness and pin up.

unsourced via Pintrest

For more Rockabilly Inspiration visit my Pintrest Board: Rockabilly Style.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winnipeg Vintage Public Service Announcement

I've had quite a few emails and comments in the last little while asking if Ruby Slipper is still on Sargent Ave.

No friends, it's not!

Tracy (the owner) has been looking for a new location for the shop for about a year now and have finally moved to
370 St Anne's Road. 

I have updated all related posts for future reference. :)

This has been a public service announcement from Butterflies and Daisys Vintage...


Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 A Year in Review

Last year's "Year in Review" post was such a big hit (especially with new readers! hello!) that I decided to slog through the posts from 2012 and make it an annual post.

January began at the lake. It was a busy month on the 'ole blog. Lots going on!

First there was the announcement that I would be travelling to Israel with Winnipeg Jewish Theatre in April coupled with a Wishlist post for some beautiful luggage.

I spent the first few days of the year painting our master bedroom a beautiful sky blue.

I'm a little sad to say that a year later we still haven't picked out new blinds or hung curtains...oops. Something to aspire to this month I guess, right?

As always, I did a little vintage shopping. Bought a dress (haven't worn it yet. lol!)

and some hats (worn all three!).

The rest of the month was consumed with work. I had finally secured a contract with Winnipeg's biggest theatre company the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre for their production of Fighting Days.

The beginning of February was also populated with posts about work. Inspired by the show I was working on, I gave you a little history lesson on my hometown of Winnipeg.

Main Street looking north from Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, 1912.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg - Streets - Main c1912 6 (N17779)

I also got to show off my fancy opening night outfit with my friend and the assistant stage manager for the show, Candace.

February was the introduction to my new post series: Show and Tell. Which is a look at my vintage collection - primarily pieces which I do not wear. I started the series off with one of my favourite pieces: a late 40's plaid taffeta  suit. 

I was still busy with work in March, but managed to keep posting regularly. 

Despite work being so crazy, The Boy and I spent an afternoon away from it all.

I showed you some more of my collection with a few more Show and Tell posts.

And had my first blog giveaway!

April found me packing my bags and jet setting to Jerusalem, Israel with Winnipeg Jewish Theatre to present Talk.

It was an incredible trip! One I won't soon forget. 

On my return I got to rest for a few weeks and reconnected with The Boy with a  Date Night in.

And did some consigning and shopping at Ruby Slipper!

2012 seemed to be all about work and May was no exception. I started working for Shakespeare in the Ruins on their presentation of Henry V at the St. Norbert Ruins. 

I had a great time working for them and look forward to returning to work for them this spring!

And speaking of spring, all signs around our house were pointing to melting snow - pretty shoes lined up at the door,

and bouquets of tulips on our table!

June was another busy month! Not too busy though to keep me from going out to West Hawk to celebrate Kevin and Danielle's Wedding!


It was a wonderful day! And of course, a great excuse to get all dolled up in my vintage finest! :)

We also celebrated my Mom's birthday with a delicious lunch out to UnBurger.

I also had the pleasure of receiving a few blog awards and did some modeling for the Canadian Costume Museum.

July is my birth month and I turned 30 in 2012. I celebrated this milestone with a week of special birthday posts!

I also took a pair of scissors to my head and bravely cut myself some Bettie bangs. 

I did some shopping,

And reviewed one of the most exclusive vintage shops in Winnipeg.

Unfortunately, the end of the month found us trapped in some unbelievably bad weather out at Twin Lakes Beach. 

August was the month of rest. It was the first time all year I didn't work for weeks. And it was wonderful! The Boy, Dave and I spent nearly the entire four weeks at the lake relaxing. :)

I didn't forget about you though, I posted a tutorial on how to clean a ring with toothpaste (you know how thrifty I am!).

Started Butterflies and Daisys Vintage Closet and put some of my collection up for sale.

And celebrated my brother Matt's birthday.

September was another busy month on the 'ole blog. Lots going on!

I did some more painting in the house, just closet doors this time, but you know the devil's in the details people.

I showed off my new to me vintage Hoover Constellation vacuum.

Debated cutting off all my hair.

And did some more shopping!

October was a quiet month. I started a very stressful stage managing job which consumed all of my time and energy. I only posted 5 times in October, which is as you know, very unlike me. 

November wasn't much better. I was still working on the stressful show. It was a school tour and we spent a week travelling around rural Manitoba!

...but I did manage to show you my awesome Halloween costume! Say hello to Flo!

I also showed off the vintage goodies I bought while my show was on the road!

And finally, December found me working on another school tour (of which I am still working on). I had lost my blogging mojo (work and stress...ugh.) and only posted once!

Not exactly a strong end to the year, but that's life. And sometimes the blog takes a backseat when life gets hectic. 

Overall, I did manage to post fairly regularly in 2012 - more regularly than any other year I've been blogging - and I'd like to keep up that pace in 2013. My goal is to keep posting when things get busy, stressful and hectic. I'm working on a gameplan to make that happen! Wish me luck!

I'd also like to give you guys a shout out! Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world and taking an interest in what I post here. It's you who keep me coming back (no matter how long the absence) and keep me motivated to keep taking pictures, writing and sharing! I love it when you leave me comments and let me know who you are, where you are from and what you do! It's really the community feeling that I love about blogging the most! 


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