Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: Outfit Roundup

Another year has passed and it's time for the annual outfit roundup. I think I enjoy these posts as much as you folks do. It's interesting for me to look back and see what I wore this year.

Anyway. Here's a sartorial look at last year.

JANUARY. A perennial favourite of red, black and white. 

FEBRUARY. I took these photos in Snow Lake, Manitoba at a B&B we were staying at while I was on tour with PTE's presentation of Magical Mystery Munsch. This - and other variations on this theme - was pretty much my uniform on tour. 

MARCH. I was so tired of jeans, berets and t-shirts I spent days in skirts when I got home from tour. 

No Posts in APRIL. Not sure what happened there… so you get two for May:

MAY 1. This purse was a gift from the costume designer on a show I worked on this year. Best. Gift. Ever. 

MAY 2. My favourite dress. I cut my bangs again and started wearing my hair straight almost every day. 

JUNE 1. I love this outfit. It's a mish-mash of eras and that's what I love about it. 

JUNE 2. I bought a tripod in June and took dedicated outfit photos outside for the first time! 

JULY 1. Pink seemed to be my colour of choice for the first half of the summer. Perhaps due in part to the new-to-me vintage clutch I'm carrying in this photo.  

JULY 2. This outfit sums up my style for the year - vintage meets modern meets rockabilly. I loved the way this outfit made me feel. A little sexy and a little badass at the same time.

AUGUST 1. So after maxing out on pink in July I seem to have reverted back to blue in all of my outfits in August. 

AUGUST 2. Another blue outfit. I love the pattern mixing in this one. 

SEPTEMBER. I challenged myself to take an outfit photo every morning one week in September. This is my favourite from that week. 

OCTOBER. I wore this dress to the opening of a show I was stage managing. It's vintage. It's 50's. It's leopard print. Everything I love wrapped up in a dress. So why do I look so serious in this picture?!

NOVEMBER. Holy Grail Coat Number 1 - found. 

DECEMBER. Holy Grail Coat Number 2 - found. 
It was a good year for vintage winter coats. 

I'm really excited that I've finally started taking outfit photos outside this year. That was a major development for the 'ole blog. The quality of my photos is improving as well (note to self: stop taking outfit photos in front of the window in my dressing room). Go back up and take a look at how grainy January's photo is and then come back and check out December. Not too shabby..taking photos outside has many benefits. 
I'm also pretty impressed at the number of outfit posts I had to choose from for this year's roundup. Aside from not posting at all in April I did pretty good. 

Need more? Check out the outfit roundup posts from 2010, 2011 & 2012.



  1. Absolutely fantastic! I really love your style and the picture quality as your posts go on it amazing. I hope that one day I can get around to doing a few outfit post as I love to mix vintage and modern as well. I hope you keep up the lovely posts in 2014.

  2. Soooo many awesome, super stylish, wonderfully put together ensembles. I can't pick a single favourite - each shines with your unmistakable gift for stellar style and is a winner through and through.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Gorgeous outfits all year long, you look amazing! You're so good at choosing outfits, it's slightly embarrassing for the rest of us :D *yesjeallloouss*


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