Friday, October 4, 2013

Outfits: Spots for Opening

My show opened last night to a sold out house. Best of all, I was able to premier the newest addition to my vintage dress collection. 

I bought this beauty right after I wrote my wishlist post this summer for a leopard print dress. I found this dress on Etsy in a great little shop called Fabstract while looking for wishlist inspiration and couldn't pass it up. The seller Val was so amazing and let me put the dress on layaway for the summer despite the fact that her shop doesn't offer layaway. Sometimes you just know when something is meant to be right? I knew this dress had my name all over it. 

Gold and Silver Brooch: Opening gift from cast of Tough Case
50's Leopard Print Dress: Fabstract
Brown Leather Belt: was Grandma Nelson's
Nude Peep Toe Patent Pumps: Le Chateau



  1. Amazing dress ♥ you look so beautiful!

  2. That dress fits you like a dream! so nice that your cast got you a vintage brooch as well, congrats on the show opening.

  3. My stars, that dress is worthy of having a shrine built to it. Stunning, dear Lisa, truly, timelessly stunning!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you so much for the bevy of awesomely nice blog comment this weekend. I love it so much when you come to visit me online (hopefully one day I can come visit you in person in Winnipeg, I've told Tony flat out that I want to take a trip there someday so that we can get together).

  4. wow, this dress is the best leopard spotted dress i've ever seen. it's hard to find wearable leopard prints (without looking cheap) ... but this dress has it all. the perfect cut, the perfect print and the perfect owner ... :)


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