Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A New Home with Me

Last week I did some thrift shopping with my friend Leyan (she's a thrifting newbie, so I was showing her the ropes!).

It's been a while since I've been (not working in the summer means I have to curb my spending) and naturally, I came home with a few treasures.

We hit up one of the Value Villages in the city (the one on Pembina Hwy for anyone residing in Winnipeg). I think it's one of the best VV's in town. You can usually find very gently used designer clothing for a fraction of the cost and it seems to be riddled with vintage.

That being said, this time around I walked away with only a few small items. I've really been wanting a pair of leopard print flats and there was a pair sitting on the shelf ready and waiting for me!

I also brought home these lovely vintage evening handbags. I'm pretty sure the black one is 40's/50's. I have an abundance of black evening bags, but I love the brass closure and the size. I have a hard time fitting my iPhone in some of my vintage clutches and purses, but this one has room to spare!
The silver one is clearly late 60's/early 70's. I just love it's metal handle. Adorable!

We also hit up Ruby Slipper at it's "new" location on St. Anne's Road. I say "new" because they've been there for a year, but it's on the opposite end of the city from where I live and I am rarely in that area with time to spare for shopping. Last thursday was my first visit since they moved
(Keep an eye here for an update on my Ruby Slipper review! Coming soon!).

There were a few dresses I liked, but not enough to buy. And I was very tempted to take home a shortie mink coat with opera collar, but I wasn't feeling it enough either. Ah well..

I did buy some accessories. Two berets: one cream coloured and one blue (which I forgot to photograph because I already put them away in storage with my other berets).

I brought home this lovely carved celluloid and rhinestone bracelet (the green one was another VV purchase that day). No chips, no missing stones. It's absolutely perfect.

And my favourite purchase of the day (and you thought I couldn't top the bracelet?!). These sea turtle scatter pins.
I only wish they'd photographed better. The blue is so deep and rich in person - like the bottom edge of the largest pin. I adore them!! I can't wait to wear them. :)

So those are the latest finds! What have you brought home recently?



  1. I may have to make the ride out to the new location for ruby before it snows, it looked exactly the same from your instagram pic:) I have had very bad luck this month with my thrifting, doubting myself and putting back items and then of course wishing I was wearing them right now. Hope you keep up your posts when you go back to work.

    1. I thought the new shop was a bit bigger. And it was lacking the mildewy smell the Sargent location had.

      I haven't been thrifting in weeks, but I thought there was slim pickings at VV when I went. Ruby is hit or miss always, I think. She's either got lots or nothing...never anything inbetween.

      Doing my best to keep motivated to post a few times a week! Thanks for the well wishes!


    2. Thanks for writing back! I was surprised to see the classic ruby slipper "shoe pile" in the new shop. I thought just maybe more thought went into the merchandising in the new shop but it is the same. I think I just like rummaging through old things more than I do buying them sometimes, hence why I liked the ruby slipper.

  2. My word, what awesome treasures! I've been on the prowl for more vintage cellulite bracelets this year, too, and recently found one (yay!!!) at a store in Vernon that sells (you've got to love this combo) used books and secondhand jewelry, but that's been it so far. It must be a blast showing someone the thrifting ropes - I suddenly want a thrifting newbie to "mentor" myself as well. :)

    ♥ Jessica


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