Saturday, June 22, 2013

Outfits: A Mix of Eras

I really adore this dress. I rescued it from the scrap pile about 10 years ago when I worked at Ragpickers. It was in such terrible shape. The fabric was stained, the hem had fallen, it only had two of its buttons left on it and several seams were split. Despite all of these flaws I was uncontrollably attracted to this dress. There was something about the soft pink colour, the cute novelty print and the softness of the fabric that I couldn't resist. 

I brought it home and it hung in my closet for years. I carefully spot removed all of the staining and fixed the split seams. A couple years after that I pressed and pinned up the hem, but never sewed it. Eventually I found enough matching vintage buttons in the right size to replace the lost ones and finally sewed them in place and tacked up the hem. Better late than never right?! 

And the result is this beautiful summer dress! It's early 40's by my reckoning - the novelty print and colour says 30's, but the simple sleeves and lack of embellishments says 40's to me. Either way, no part of me regrets saving this dress and restoring it. 

I rarely wear this dress any other way. I just love the brown accessories with the cotton candy pink. The hat is 60's, the dress is 40's, the hot pink clutch is 80's and the enamel brooches are 50's or 60's. Mixing eras is my favourite way to wear vintage. I am rarely interested in dressing period specific from head to toe. 

Here's the print close up. I wish I could show you how soft this fabric is! It's heavenly!

60's Brown and Cream Hat: Thrifted, Goodwill
Vintage Slip: Thrifted
40's Novelty Print Day Dress: Ragpickers
Bow Belt: Forever 21
Vintage Porcelain Flower Brooches: Thrifted
Brown Leather Peep Toe Pumps: Kensie
80's Hot Pink Clutch: Thrifted


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  1. You breathed such incredible new life into, my dear. It's a wonderful gem for sure - there's no way I could have left that in a scrap heap either; so often garments that seem like they're on their very last legs can be salvaged, as you proved here fantastically.

    Love this charming warm weather outfit! That brooch is the perfect accompaniment for such a feminine, captivatingly pretty dress.

    ♥ Jessica


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