Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Hoard is Growing

I was really hoping to show you my face today...I had planned on getting warmly dolled up, taking some outfit photos and heading out to run some crucial errands. It's my last weekend off before we start the northern leg of our tour  next weekend (I'll out of town for all of February except for a day and a half).

But, as usual, life has another plan for me. If you remember I was ill at New Years and I haven't really gotten much better. I am still stuffed up, coughing and have a runny nose a month later. So I dragged myself out of bed this morning and headed to the walk in clinic in my neighbourhood bright and early.
And thank god I did...two hours later I left being told that I have an upper respiratory infection (which is apparently different than bronchitis or pneumonia). So have a fistful of pills to take this week and have relegated myself to the couch for the day to rest. So here I am - not completing my gigantic to do list - instead I'm in my pjs with dirty hair and no makeup...not too pretty people...

So instead I'll show you some of the loot I have recently acquired for the hoard collection.

I bought clutch and this dish (which my mother tells me is the bottom of a butter dish - I plan on putting rings and other baubles in it.) in Lorette, MB while we were performing at the elementary school there last week.

More clutches (I can't resist them..). This one is 70's, I think, but I love the mesh and the size. It's perfect to take out dancing since I can throw it over my shoulder and keep my hands free.

The pearl clutch needs one half of the snap sewn back on (It's still there - it's just come off of the fabric), but I really loved the design on the front.

There were a plethora of necklaces at Value Village when I was there. I made myself choose just one and this beauty was the winner. I love the starburst design and coloured stones. I think it's 40's because of the metal. Any insights? I'm terrible at dating jewelry..

This brooch was another VV find. I bought it a number of weeks ago. I'm not sure how old it is, but I love it's graphic deco look. It's shell inlaid into the plastic. I've worn it both horizontally and vertically and think it would look great pinned to a hat!

All summer last year I wished I had a black rattan purse, so when I found this one the other day I couldn't resist. It's a pretty decent size (I'll be able to fit my wallet, iPhone and sunglasses in it) and the beading is kinda like polka dots!

I bought this case  to store my small, but growing glove collection.(for a hat? anyone?) It's not as large as it looks in the photo - it's about 11" wide across the front)

And last, but not least, I just had to show you these jars (I bought them before Christmas at the MCC thrift store in Portage La Prairie for a two dollars a piece with lids! Love the colour...they are proudly displayed on a shelf in the dining room.

Ok...that's enough for today I think! I'll show my face again before the end of the month...once I get some more meds into me and start feeling like myself again.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Love the first clutch! The pattern looks great!

  2. Very cute, they're all nice :)

  3. yes yes I have a thrifted clutch addiction as well! I would have picked up that first scalloped clutch for sure if I had seen it. I love the round train case as well. Good luck with your travels and I hope you get better!!

  4. Oh my goodness, you poor thing. I'm very sorry that you've been battling an upper respiratory infection. My mom and sister are both asthmatics are prone to those, so I've seen first hand many times what a toll they can take on the body. Please try and rest as much as you can, dear gal. I wish I lived nearby so I could bring you warm soup and vintage magazines to help you feel better.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hopefully you've recovered by now from your infection. What amazing finds! The purses are all gorg, as is the necklace, big swoon on that one. I'm a vintage costume jewellery hound and always look at the clasp to try and date my finds. Yours looks pretty contemporary so I'm not sure it's 40s, but it could be 40s-inspired. Regardless, it's a stunning piece and if that's an example of the bling you can get in your VV, well, I would have had trouble restraining myself at one necklace!


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