Monday, January 14, 2013

Grandma's Pearls

Unlike last year, I have not yet done a round up of my Christmas gifts. And I don't plan to...I would, however, like to show you the best thing I got for Christmas this year though.

My Grandma Cotton's pearls.

My Mom inherited these pearls when Grandma passed away and I have always coveted them. My Grandfather bought them for her as a gift and I think they are just beautiful.

I was never even allowed to wear them when my Mom had them. I knew one day I would call them my own, but I always imagined that day to be much further in the future.

the clasp - so pretty!

I was so surprised and touched when I opened them on Christmas morning. I wore them for a week straight. Thanks Mom! Love you lots! xoxo



  1. They are lovely and you look lovely in the as well!

  2. There is nothing quite as timelessly beautiful or becoming to my mind than a classic string of pearls like these vintage lovelies. What a meaningful, immensely wonderful Christmas gift. These pearls look stunning on you and I can see it in your face how much they mean to you.

    ♥ Jessica


    I truly want to thank you for all of your blog comments this week. Our home internet was down for the past six days (it just came back this morning), so I'm just getting a chance to see them now. It means so much to me that you shared some of your insight regarding working with wigs. Your technique for reviving the curls sounds so easy and I'm sure I'll be using it when "Pin Up" starts to loose its bouncy ringlets. I'm almost paranoid about brushing or combing my wig, and have been using a wig comb I bought online with the lightest of hands so far, skipping a few days between combing, as it really doesn't need it everyday (so far).

    Thank you again deeply. You're a wonderful friend and person, Lisa. ♥

  3. I really like how you have the closer off center to really showcase it. Absolutely wonderful gift.


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