Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pretty Little Purse

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it yet this summer, but I've just finished an 8 week break from work. No work at all for 8 weeks! Summer is tricky for theatre work in Winnipeg. There isn't much going on and the jobs that are available seem to only go to a select few (one of which I am not). The Boy and I decided we would be ok financially if I didn't get a part time job, so I got to have a well deserved holiday.
As a result, I've had to pinch pennies to make it through until I start back to work this week. And as a result of pinching pennies there has been little to no shopping. Especially thrift store shopping. Which has been difficult.

I did however buy myself this little purse last week. I went to Value Village with my Mom and I just couldn't leave it there. It was only $5 and I already have an event to wear it (this is how these things happen isn't it!? lol!).

My guess it that it's 60's since it's a cross body bag, it's got a 20's flapper bag vibe going on and it's made in China. Or would it be 80's? Now I've just confused myself. 
Thoughts anyone?


Friday, September 28, 2012

Outfits: Hats Off to You!

I love this hat! I wish I had something meaningful to add to this post, but you'll have to look elsewhere if you're looking for meaningful content today because that's pretty much all I got. 

This top hat-like 60's hat is another one of my early early purchases when I worked at Ragpickers. I get quite a few looks when I wear it out, but I don't care. I love it!

I wore this out yesterday night for drinks with a friend from university who is looking to get into stage managing like me. I was giving her some advice about how to get started and we caught up. It was fun!

Speaking of looks. I actually had a guy (straight, I gay vibe going on here at all) compliment me on my shoes and ask me if he could take a picture of them to send to his sister who has a major shoe fetish. Whether the pic was for him or his sis I indulged him. lol! What's the harm really?! I have to support any good shoe fetish. I have a bit of one myself. :)

60's Black Felt 'Top Hat": Ragpickers
40's Blue Cut Glass Necklace: Mike's General Store
Vintage Metal Butterfly Brooch: Ragpickers
White Blouse: Jacob
Grey Club Monacco Short Sleeve Sweater: thrifted
Leopard Print Scarf: Ricki's
Black Brocade Blazer: Ricki's
Dark Denim Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Blue Suede Pumps: Forever 21
Can't-Stop-Wearing-It-Purse: thrifted, Value Village

Have you had any random strangers ask to take a picture of you? Or your shoes? Did you let them? Please tell me I'm not alone in this...


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Inspiration: Going Out to Casual

As much as I love fall I always become a little baffled when I actually have to start layering an outfit. I search for fall style inspiration more than any other season.

I have saved two images which I am aspiring to this fall season.

The first is my "Going Out" image. By going out I mean coffee, casual dinner with The Boy or friends etc...

For me, the outfit above quintessentially reflects my style. I love the quirky colour combo, but it's also a little matchy-matchy. I like the vintage touches: the bag, the full skirt (could be substituted for a dress!) and the subtle vintage inspired 'do. This look is also about the restrained layers. There are just enough for this outfit to be styled, but not overdone (I would have added a brooch on on the jacket though). It's very cute and I'm working towards this for fall. 

The second image is my "Casual" inspiration. Weekend errand running maybe or those busy days at work where dressing up in a no-go.

You may be surprised by my choice of this outfit. It's awfully modern. The clincher is the sequin tank over this casual outfit. It had me at 'hello'. And it's this mix that I want for my casual outfits. I need a little something out-of-the-ordinary so I don't feel ordinary (know what I mean?). Even though none of these clothes are vintage, I know it could be easily replicated with a few vintage pieces. What about a 60's beaded/sequin shell over a vintage Levis chambray shirt and a 40's structured blazer? Add skinny jeans and some riding boots: bam! You've got yourself a look similar to this for less cash!

The bonus in any fabulous fall fashion for a Winnipegger? When the snow falls all you need to do is add a fabulous winter coat, hat and gloves to transition these looks until the weather warms up again!

Like these looks? I'm now addicted to Pintrest like the rest of the internet. 
Check out the rest of my Vintage Inspired Fall Fashion Board for more inspiration!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wishlist: Leopard Print Skinny Jeans

I never in my life thought I'd say this, but I am dying for a pair of leopard print skinny jeans. How Rockabilly cool are these things?
I would look badass in these.

The pair I want are at Le Chateau right now, but I can't seem to find an image large enough to post on here. They're similar to this pair:

source (sorry - no longer available!)

Might as well get myself a pair of these now and wear the heck out of them before I'm 40 and too old to do it right?!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Outfits: A Little Half Assed, I Hope You Don't Mind

I hope you excuse my calling this an "Outfit Post". I didn't have enough energy to take my usual full length photos. It's been a pretty crazy week around here. Dave ate something that didn't agree with him on Tuesday and he's been sick all week. We've been to the vet twice in the last 5 days and the night before I took these photos I only got 4 1/2 hours of broken sleep. Poor pup had to go outside every 2 hours.
Hence the sunglasses. I'm hiding some bags behind them! lol!

Dave is on the mend though, we've finally got him on some food he's actually interested in eating and we're seeing a bit of his usual Boxer pep return.

We were headed to my Mom's for dinner with the family and I finally wore this amazing 40's wool jacket that I bought at Ruby Slipper this summer (I also own the skirt. You can see it in this post.)
I really like it worn as a light fall jacket like this and I'm looking forward to wearing it as a blazer this winter.

Isn't the colour to die for? I am smitten with the collar, the butttons...well I'm pretty much in love with everything about this suit.

Repro 50's Sunglasses: Rhymes with Orange 
40's Wool Turquoise Jacket: Ruby Slipper
Houndstooth Scarf: Ricki's
Striped Tee: Joe Fresh
Vintage Necklace: thrifted, Value Village
Favourite-Goes-with-Everything Purse: thrifted, Value Village
Not Seen: Black Skinny Jeans (Forever 21) & Black Ballet Flats (Joe Fresh)


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Money Saving Beauty Tips

I am a thrifty girl (sometimes I use the word cheap, but in the wrong context this can get me into trouble...I kid...but thrifty does sound better doesn't it?). Being thrifty doesn't just apply to my closet, I also try to be thrifty when it comes to my beauty routine. Not so much that I deserve a spot on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, but I do like to save money and avoid waste (if you have not heard of this show I urge you to click the link and watch a few of those videos...they will blow your mind!!). So now I'm passing the savings along to you!

Alternative shaving cream
Instead of buying shaving cream I use conditioner. More specifically the ultra hydrating conditioner I get in the box of my hair dye. I always have leftover conditioner when I'm done dying my hair and can't bring myself to throw it out. I find it makes my legs super soft and smooth for days! It's a product two for one! I save money by not buying foaming shaving gel and I stretch the dollar on my hair dye because I never throw out the un-used conditioner.
If you don't dye your own hair I think any rich, hydrating conditioner would be just as good.

Zit spot treatment
Lemon juice. Works better than toothpaste (In fact I've found that toothpaste doesn't work at all). I take a Q-tip and soak the end in lemon juice and apply it to the spot and let it dry. Doesn't get rid of a zit overnight, but it does reduce size and swelling dramatically and done over several nights can make a spot completely disappear. Lemons cost less than 50 cents each. 'Nuff said.

Stretching the life of your beauty products
All you need is a pair of scissors and a zip lock bag. Do you know what I'm gonna say? Yup, I'm one of those people. The ones who cut open their toothpaste tubes and scrape out whatever is left when I can't squeeze any more toothpaste out. I also do this with my face wash, moisturiser and anything other product I can cut open. When I'm done cutting it open I store it in a ziplock bag until I use the rest of the product. Honestly, you'd be surprised how much product is trapped in most containers...ok, now I'm a little embarrassed that I just posted that on the internet...
oh well...

How do you stretch your dollar? Any money saving tips you'd care to share?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fickle Head

Not even three months ago I cut my own bangs. I've trimmed them once since and once again they're in my eyes. So much so that I've been wearing them like this for the last three days:

I can't decide whether to cut them again or let them grow out...

In fact my whole head needs an overhaul. My hair is super long right now. It's all the same length and is in desperate need of a trim. Or a cut. I just can't decide what to do with it.

Here it is air dried with no styling. Looks rough, I think.

I'm actually thinking about cutting it much shorter. probably around my shoulders like this
(sorry guys, I have no sources for these photos, I've been collecting them for weeks. Let me know if you know the source or if one of these belongs to you and you'd like it removed. Thanks!)

I really love Marilyn's hair in this photo. I could totally rock this with my grown out bangs.

Or maybe chin length like this

These are kinda like my hair from a few years ago. Here's the proof:

Or maybe I'll completely chicken out and just get a trim and some layer put in

I really can't decide right now. I'm always up for something pretty drastic in my head, but I worry about regretting my decision after I get my hair cut.

I've been hating my hair, which is why I cut bangs. It was always a temporary solution. I can't afford a real haircut (and by real I mean done by a professional) until I get back to work in October so I have some time to think about it.

What do you think?


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eye Candy: Vintage Show Girls

I have a bit of a thing for show girls. I am totally taken over with the beauty, the glitz, the glam, the mystery and allure, not to mention the sex appeal of them.
In another life I've run away to Vegas to be one...

So for something a little different than my usual posts and since Halloween is approaching and you may be needing some costume inspiration, I thought I'd share some vintage show girl images with you.

unknown source

unknown source

unknown source

Hope you enjoyed these! Happy Sunday!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Wishlist: Vintage Polka Dot Coat

The weather has gotten quite crisp here in the 'Peg and I am looking for ways to warm up.

I found and fell head over heels for this coat on Etsy last week:

buy it for me here!

Isn't is amazing?! If you can't tell from the photo, I'd just like to point out that those polka dots are blue.

The problem? It's $895 USD. Now if I only had $1000 laying around I would be calling this beauty mine...

I'd look so cute in this coat...



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This Sucks

Well this may not be a new apron or house dress, but my dreams of becoming a vintage housewife are one step closer to becoming a reality! lol!

Say hello to my "new" Hoover Constellation!

This funny little guy came my way this summer while The Boy's brother was cleaning out his house. The Hoover came with the house. I couldn't let him go to the trash, so I rescued him.

How could I not? He works, he's vintage and he's GREEN! My favourite colour! Win, win, win. Right?

A good blogger would have cleaned him up a bit before taking pictures, but I was too excited to share him with you.

And naturally, I had to do some research and I was overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on vintage vacuums! Did you know some people collect vintage vacuums? I can't help but wonder: where do they keep them? 
I found a whole forum about vintage vacuums for those of you looking to start your own collection or just bone up on some vacuum knowledge: Vacuumland

Here an original ad for my model:

I like this next ad better, I like the graphics. Particularly the woman pulling the vacuum at the bottom. The coolest thing about these vacuums is that they hover! You heard me! There are no wheels or tracks on the bottom they hover on their own air stream (according the the ad). I'm just hoping my vacuum still hovers. That would be awesome!

And for fun, check out these guys! Neat!

Who knew I'd be so excited about a vacuum? Maybe this is the start of my own collection?, probably not. lol!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Outfits: Suddenly It's Fall

I know I was the one posting Inspiration posts about fall earlier this week, but it was still hot and sunny never fails...I yearn for fall and when it gets here I'm always a little bummed for a few days. Every year I have a small grief period and say good-bye to summer. 

I had coffee with my friend Michael yesterday afternoon and had planned to wear a dress, but when I let Dave out before I left the air felt too cold for a dress without tights...and I'm not ready to wear tights yet...
So pants it was. So this is what I threw on before I left.

This blazer is vintage. It's part of a suit I bought at Value Village for $7. I love the lining! It's another piece I almost sold and is now living in my closet.

Vintage Blazer: thrifted, Value Village
 Vintage Flower Brooch: Ruby Slipper
Sequin Dot Tee: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Forever 21
Green Pumps: Forever 21
Coral Bangle: Forever 21
Vintage Tooled Leather Purse: thrifted, Value Village

It's been a quiet week around here without The Boy. I am enjoying having the whole bed to myself at night, but other than that I miss him. 


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