Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shop My Closet!

Hello friends!

I've been gone for a few days because I've been working on a new project:

I'm in purge mode these days and I'm pretty excited to start this second blog to pass along some of the things in my closet and my collection that I no longer want.

I've currently listed some shoes and bags, but I'm working on adding some clothing in the next week or so.

The blog is not an auction. It's on a first come, first serve basis. Leave me a comment or email me if you would like to purchase an item and we will arrange payment through PayPal and I'll ship it out to you! Easy Peasy!

On most items shipping in Canada will be through the mail (unless you'd like to pay extra for priority shipping) so I'm guess-timating that shipping costs will be approx $9. The cost will go up for heavier and larger items, naturally.
If you are an international buyer I will get back to you on postage and packaging costs.

Please let me know if you've got questions! This is new for me too and I want to make it as streamlined and easy as possible!



1 comment:

  1. This is such a great, practical idea, dear gal. I don't have anything to part with at the moment, but if I did, I might take your lead here, as it really beats dealing the bureaucracy of eBay.

    Wishing you lots of quick sales,
    ♥ Jessica


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