Friday, March 2, 2012

Theatre Confessional

Well my friends...I'm sure some of you have noticed how sporadic my posting schedule has become of late. And if you are observant you'll notice the late time that I am posting this...I'm not sure where I was going with that sentence, but it's late.

Oh ya! I was going to tell you why my posting schedule has been so sporadic.

I am working around the clock.

This past Monday marked the start of rehearsals for my next job. I'm Apprentice Stage Managing for Winnipeg Jewish Theatre again for one of my favourite plays: Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. The only issue with this is that my last job has not finished.
What this means is that I am at rehearsal all day and then I drive to MTC  for performances of The Fighting Days in the evening.

Just to break that down a little further:
8:00am - Wake up
9:00am - Arrive at Rehearsal Hall for Angels and prep for the day
9:30am - Rehearsals for Angels begins
5:30pm - Rehearsals for Angels ends
5:40pm - Drive to MTC (pick up food on the way)
6:00pm - Arrive at MTC and begin prep for performance of The Fighting Days
8:00pm - Curtain rises for performance
10:00pm - The actors take their bows as I b-line for the dressing room to change (remember, I'm in costume for this show!)
10:12pm - I''m in my car and start to head home (yes, I get there that fast. I'm tired!)
10:50pm - Arrive home, get ready for bed, check my emails for the next day's rehearsal and go to bed
Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

See why I'm tired? And why there have been no posts this week? Nothin' but work.

I may be exhausted, but I'm certainly not unhappy. That's the thing about doing what you love for a living. You can put up with a lot more when your heart is in it.
I've had a lot of different jobs in my day and I can tell you that when you do not love your job even good days can be hell on earth.
Somehow I can work 14 hours a day right now with few breaks and not hate my life. Not be angry. It's a good tired I'm feeling right now.

And I do this to myself. I take these jobs fully knowing that I will be working night and day for a week straight. And I do because I love it.

I'm not sure what I'm getting at again...I hope I'm making sense as my brain is starting to shut down. This post made so much more sense to me as I was thinking about it backstage tonight and now it looks nothing like I thought it would.

Maybe it's another gratitude moment...maybe some part of me just wishes that every person on the planet could do what they loved for a living because maybe the world would be a better place...too much like an after-school special for you? Sorry, I love my job and I love living in a world that I get to do this to pay my bills and I wish everyone could work 14 hours a day for weeks a year and still love what they do.

It must be time for bed...I can't think anymore. Thanks for reading this post. I hope it makes sense in the morning. I'll be back to myself next week after The Fighting Days closes this Saturday night.

Till then!


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  1. Congrats on your jobs! I love this post - you're right about putting your heart into something you love and how much you can do if you're doing what you love. But we all need a break every now and then so I'm glad you get to rest for a bit. :) Thanks for sharing more about your life in theatre. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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