Saturday, January 21, 2012

Work, Work, Work

Above is a photo of the theatre I'm currently working at. 

Here's a quick breakdown of how my days have been this week:

7:00am - Wake up and get ready for work
8:00am - Leave the house for work. Drive partway and park my car in a mall parking lot (to save parking money)
8:35am - Catch bus the rest of the way downtown. 
9:00am - Arrive at work. Set up rehearsal hall with other Assistant Stage Manager (ASM).
10:00am - Rehearsal Starts. Work hard all day.
6:00pm - Rehearsal Ends. Then clean up rehearsal hall. Send notes to appropriate departments. Send next day's schedule to actors.
6:30pm-ish - Catch bus to car at mall.
6:50pm-ish- Let my car warm up (it's freaking cold here right now!) and drive home.
7:15pm-ish - Arrive home and start cooking dinner. Eat dinner. Clean up dinner.
8:15-ish - Get lunch and clothes ready for the next day.
8:45pm-ish - Lay on the couch with The Boy and try not to fall asleep.
10:00pm-ish - Peel myself off the couch, shower, get ready for bed and go to bed

AND REPEAT. (do this from Monday to Saturday. Try to enjoy Sundays off)

Long days huh? So now you understand. Or at least I hope you do. 
I love my job, but it is a bit tiring when we're in rehearsal.


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