Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Winnipeg Vintage Landscape is Changing!

The other day I updated and streamlined my "My Home" Tab up there by my header (check it out! it's so much easier to navigate now!) and I started to click the other tabs up there too (I occasionally like to surf through my own blog to make sure it looks good and there are no funky links etc...). As I was doing so I noticed how out of date my "Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed" tab is!

So I got to thinking about the retail vintage clothing scene here. With the rise in popularity of vintage clothing these days more and more shops are popping up and the old tried and true shops are having to make some changes to keep up!
Not only is Ragpickers undergoing a management overhaul. (They're switching from a single owner business to being a co-op), but it's also leaving it's current long-time location on McDermot! (read more about it here.) Ragpickers new locations is still currently TBA.

Furthermore, my old favourite vintage shop Vintage Glory has also gone under a transformation. A move and a new name: Rhymes with Orange.

I haven't reviewed Ruby Slipper, there's also Hungover Empire, there's Lune Vintage (which I have discovered is open to the Winnipeg public by appointment only), The Closet Chick, and there are more!

I'll bet you know what I'm going to say next!
So the plan is to remedy this out of date information. My hope is to review a new shop once a month starting in February.

And this is where the audience participation comes in!
If you know of a shop in Winnipeg (or the surrounding area!) that sells vintage and used clothing let me know! I'd love to visit and do a review!


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