Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beautiful New Dress (and some hats!)

I made a little trip to Ruby Slipper (a local vintage shop) this weekend to consign some things I had hanging around and left with a few other things...oops! lol!

What can I say? They were on sale!

The cutouts on this dress are so beautiful and it had this train in the back...oh! it's just too good. Plus it was only $20. See what I mean? Sale!
Besides...this is so much better than the stuff I left to consign.

I also came home with three new hats. Two 40's tilt hats and a vintage beret.



  1. Twenty bucks for that dress?! Love the material and the cutouts. What a find! And why not reward yourself for consigning some unused things by picking up a few things that will be much used? :)

  2. awesome dress! I can almost walk there from my day job, fun shop.

    and love the new banner!!!

  3. Lisa - I know! How could I go wrong for $20?! I'll wear it somewhere one day.

    Periwinkle - boy am I glad I don't live within walking distance to Ruby! My bank account would always be empty! lol! (thanks for the love on the banner!)


  4. I just recently started reading your blog and I think your outfits are lovely! I'm from Winnipeg too and I really enjoy seeing the the wonderful items you pick up from our great vintage shops :) also that dress and those shoes are stunning :)

  5. Chelsey - Welcome! Thank you so much! I think we have the best vintage market...amazing pieces for the picking (if you know where to look) and the price is so right. I barely buy online. Winnipeg has made me cheap! lol!



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