Monday, December 19, 2011

Outfits: Christmas Shopping

The Boy and I did a little Christmas shopping last Tuesday. I'm two presents away from being finished! (UPDATE: I'm now finished! yeah!)

Thank goodness for this blog. My outfit post two weeks ago has kick started me back into my usual style (good-bye jeans and tees!).

A couple notes about this outfit. 
This purse is quickly becoming my favourite purse. I almost didn't buy it. Would've been the BIGGEST mistake EVER! (exaggerate much?!) It goes with everything! And it's the easiest way to inject some cute vintage style to any outfit. 
I did not buy this dress at Forever 21. I bought it at Ricki's Sample sale when I worked there for $10. And strangely enough, I never wear this dress in the summer. Only in winter. There is something about layering this dress that I love. I am not interested in wearing it by itself. Ever. 

This is what I wore shopping (minus coat, scarf and mitts):

Black Beret: Joe Fresh
Vintage Pearl Necklace : Thrifted
Vintage Lace and Satin Cami: Thrifted
Turquoise Wrap Sweater: Thrifted
Grey Jersey Dress: Forever 21
Plaid Tights: Ricki's
Socks: Joe Fresh
Boots: Le Chateau
Vintage Needlework Purse: Thrifted

Life has been quite laid back these last few weeks. Part of the beauty of my work is the time off. After working really hard Stage Managing all year having these last few weeks off has been amazing. I've gotten many, many projects sitting around my house completed, seen some friends that I've neglected and spent some quality time with The Boy and my pup.

It's rejuvenating me for my return to work in the new year. Last week I signed my contract for my first show of 2012! I can't wait!

Just gotta get through Christmas and New Year's! And remember to enjoy them before I get busy with work again.


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  1. this is a really sweet outfit. I love the icy blue colour for winter, and your lovely retro hairstyle with the beret!


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