Friday, December 23, 2011

Finishing a Long Overdue Project

Feels good doesn't it? Finishing a project that's been languishing around for many years?

Yesterday I told you I was going to sew some buttons I bought at Goodwill onto a 40's day dress.

I've been dragging this dress around for almost 8 years. It was in the scrap pile when I worked at Ragpickers. It was a mess. It has split seams all over the place, the hem had fallen, some light fading, a few small stains and it was missing 7 buttons. The only thing it had going for it at the time was the incredibly cute and soft fabric.

Those three buttons sitting on my coffee table are what's left of the dresses original buttons. 

I begged my boss if I could have it. She said sure. I had big hopes and dreams of fixing it all up. I sorted out the stains and spit seams fairly quickly, then lost steam. A few years ago I pressed and pinned up the hem and never sewed it.

And so it hung in my closet, pinned hem and all, and I continued to drag it around. Part of the reason it took me so long is that I could never really find the right buttons for it at the right price. I need 10 fairly large buttons which wouldn't compete with the dress. Oh, and I refused to pay more than $5 for them. Sounds easy right? Well, I'm picky and the right ones never came along.

When I found those buttons in the 25 cent bin at Goodwill I was pretty excited. I know they're nothing to look at, but they fit the bill. There were exactly 10 of them and they were a great price!

I cannot wait to wear this dress next summer. I'm not sure if the fabric is cotton or a cotton rayon blend, but it is the most soft fabric I've ever felt and it's incredibly lightweight. Plus it has that adorable Pan print! I've always loved novelty print day dresses and now I finally have one!

Here's a close up of the buttons for you. I sewed them on with pink thread for a little interest.

Have you saved a seemingly hopeless piece of vintage before? Or have you got a project you've been dragging around for almost a decade like me? Do tell!



  1. the buttons are perfect!
    I have some projects that are undone from more than 10 years ago....there's the piece of vibrant fruit on black cross stitch I started back in 1990 that needs some finishing touches, the copper tree ornaments I started in 1997 and the barbie clothes I cut out in 1999 for a kid that has long outgrown playing with dolls - that's the down side of having a studio, space to procrastinate!

  2. Periwinkle - thank god it's not just me! lol! I am forever kicking myself over my mending pile. It's constantly growing...thankfully this winter I've put a nice big dent in to to-do pile. Makes me feel good.
    So the question now, perhaps, is: At what point do you abandon a project completely and move on?


  3. I always seem to have a pile of works in progress. I have a denim jacket that I've been embroidering with a scene of wolves for 5 years now. I just seem to get side tracked from it over and over. Then there is the fixing pile, the alteration pile, and the "Ooooh I *have* to make that!" pile. So much stuff to do, so little time! :)

    I am anxiously awaiting the scientist who can clone humans, because I need about 3 more of myself to get everything done that I have piled up to do! LOL!


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