Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Loot 2011

As promised, here are the present highlights from this year.

I received this beautiful wine decanter and bottle of wine from The Boy's family. I have always wanted a nice wine decanter. I can also imagine serving juice in this or filling it with flowers on a table. The shape is so pretty.

If you like red wine I would highly recommend Cupcake Red Velvet. The back of the bottle reads:

   Our Red Velvet is made up of grapes from some of the finest vineyards in California. This wine shows a heady nose of chocolate, deep rich blackberries, red fruits, and a creamy mocha finish that is unmistakable in its intensity and length. It's reminiscent of a blackberry chocolate cupcake with a mocha coulis. Enjoy with sweet and spicy Hoison steak, a barbeque bacon cheeseburger or even dark chocolate fondue.

Couldn't say it better myself! So good! Even just to drink by itself. It's my new favourite red. And isn't the label just gorgeous? Great gift and it's under $20 a bottle.

Speaking of alcoholic beverages, The Boy's brother gave me this cute little gift for my Gin and Tonics. It's an ice cube tray!! I can't wait to make them.

I've been wanting some BPA free glass kitchen storage containers for a while. I got these from my family. And I'm really excited about the cook book. There are some yummy looking recipes in it. It may just save me from dinner anxiety when I get back to work in the new year!

I have been in need of some new leather gloves as well. My Mom bought me these. I LOVE them! I can't wait to wear them with some of the vintage bracelet sleeve jackets I have. 

I have, of course, saved the best for last. My sister Kim is the best. She reads my blog and bought me the Dita flipbooks I posted about last week! I was elated when I opened them! Best gift of the year! Thanks Kim!!

I, of course, got the usual socks, some chocolate and a $25 gift card for Chapters.

That's it for the Christmas posts for this year!

Did you get everything you asked for this Christmas? Or did your family surprise you with something you didn't ask for, but wanted anyway? Did you get any quirky gifts like my titanic and iceberg ice tray? Do tell!


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