Monday, November 21, 2011

Inspiration: Winter Wear

With the snow here to stay for several months I've once again been on the hunt for cute, vintage inspired winter looks.

These ones had me at hello:

Love the riding boots with the dress and cardigan! I'm on a determined hunt for some boots of my own second hand or on sale. 

Another dress, flat boots and a cardi. I really love the textured white tights. Gotta look for some. 

I really love the plaid scarf and the large fur collar over the wool suit (she made this suit herself!! amazing!)

This one is all about the addition of the scarf over the classic outfit. I don't wear scarves like this and I think it's time I try. Very chic!


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  1. You've picked some fab looks- I love them too! Can't believe she made that suit- it's gorgeous!


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