Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dining Room Cabinets Completed!

Yeah! I couldn't be happier that these are finally done. And they look fantastic!

Magazines make this kind of project look so easy. And really, I guess in essence it was easy, but it was incredibly time consuming. The prep, the painting, the wallpapering. Changing the hardware was the quickest thing about this project.

And speaking of quick, you may have noticed that nothing really gets done quickly at our house. Since I painted the cabinets in August the cabinets have looked like this.

please ignore the case of beer on the floor. I. Am. Canadian.

We've been waiting for a little free time to tackle it all at once. Yesterday I got sick of looking at the mess and made The Boy pry the backings off of the cabinets.

Prior to this I had marked where the shelves were on the backing with a black felt tipped marker so I could line up the wallpaper like so. The seams sit behind the shelves.

I wanted them to look as seamless as possible.

After I finished lining up the paper we (and by "we" I mean The Boy) nailed the backings back onto the cabinets.

Then the fun part started. Decorating the shelves! I really tried to keep it simple. I edited A LOT of stuff off of these shelves.

And for fun. Here's what the room looked like 2 1/2 years ago right after we moved in.

And last year.

Now all that's left for this room is some bamboo blinds and to paint my dining room furniture (another project looong overdue...one thing at a time.)

What do you think?



  1. Love it! The wallpaper changes the look completely, and seems to lighten the room.

    The lampshade you've got there is incredible, where did you find that?!

    I love how you've gradually developed the room over the years, really like seeing your projects, lots of ideas :)



  2. Lady Jardin - Thank you! The chandelier is from EQ3 which I think is a canadian company, but I've also seen this style at Z Gallerie.


  3. Lisa that looks wonderful! I absolutely love the wall papering idea for the back of those cabinets, it really dresses them up! I love my new apartment but i cant wait until I have a house of my own that i can pain, renovate and decorate to my liking, not to the landlords guidelines.


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