Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sinking In

This is how I know The Boy understands me completely.

Because he knows how much I love old stuff and yesterday he brought me home this:
Do you like my poinsetta? The Boy didn't bring me that. Just trying to keep it Christmas-y!

Yes I know. It appears to be a sink. Well that's because it is...and it's not so much the sink itself, but where it came from that is so cool.

The Boy happens to be working at this building right now:

This photo borrowed from here.

The Union Bank Tower (later the Royal Bank of Canada) on Main and William here in Winnipeg. It has been sitting empty since the early 90's and is now being repurposed into the culinary arts facility for Red River College. 
What is so cool about this building (aside from it being obviously old) you ask?

 The Union Bank is believed to be the country’s oldest surviving steel frame and reinforced concrete “skyscraper”. Located next to City Hall, the tower has experienced high volumes of traffic, both through and outside its prominent location on Main.
Quote pulled from the Virtual Heritage Winnipeg website.

Isn't that cool? The building was built in 1903 and we're pretty sure this sink was installed when the building was built. That's my story at least and I'm sticking to it.

We're pretty stoked to put it to work in our ensuite on top of a repurposed piece of furniture when we get around to renovating it.

Let's look at it again shall we?


So I hope you enjoyed my sink and my little history lesson. Have a great weekend!


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  1. That is so neat! It is like owning a little piece of history :)


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