Monday, December 6, 2010

Dressing up the House

Decorating your house is like dressing your body. And I am as obssessed with decorating as I am with fashion.
There are days where I just can't think about fashion because all I can think about is my house.

Right now I'm in house mode.

So I'd like to share with you a few of the small subtle ways I've infused some Christmas spirit into our living room and dining room.

This is our drop zone at the front door (you can see the horrible colour of the walls here. Actually, this photo makes it look ok, but it is horrible, trust me. We have yet to paint this wall. The Boy calls this colour "dirty old bra"! haha! It's a pinky, grey, yucky colour.) The tree was from the dollar store, I added the sliver bow to tie it into my decor and the reindeer was under $15 at Canadian Tire.

This is what's living on our dining room table. (Literally!) The Boy bought me some fish and we put them in one of my large vases instead of a regular fishbowl. I quite like it! Especially with the turquoise beads as gravel which co-ordinate with my colour scheme. Oh yeah, and you can see the smaller cylinder vases with faux greenery and tiny ornaments in them. The table runner is a pashmina I had in my closet.

I made this wreath last week for less than $10! It's some faux garland I wrapped into a wreath shape, then all I did was attach the "Noel" ornament with some wire! Add ribbon to hang: Voila!

I've also started wrapping presents. I found this awesome metallic wrapping paper, ribbon and bows at the dollar store. I think it looks quite chic! And a little retro! And it reflects the light from the tree in a really nice way.

As you can see I'm all about decorations that are simple, easy, on a budget and don't scream "cheesy Christmas" too much. How about you? What is your holiday style? Chic? Or do you love the cheesy Christmas stuff?


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  1. I love what you've done!
    My family always wraps the picture frames on the wall like gifts and then we hang them back up. :)


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