Sunday, February 7, 2010

Outfits: Goods Things Come to Those Who Wait

I'm a brat. Remember this post where I had bad thrifting karma with the boys, only found one dress I liked, but didn't buy it because I didn't have any money?

Well Friday was payday and while out running errands I made The Boy drive me to Vintage Glory to see if that dress was still there...
So I walk in, go straight to the dress rack and sift through the dresses. It's not there...I'm bummed...I tell myself it wasn't meant to I talk to the owner Doug for a few minutes. While talking to Doug I look over casually at the dress rack and SEE THE DRESS!!! I guess someone had been trying it on while I walked in and deemed it not worthy to buy!! Well one girls trash is another girls treasure and I excused myself from my conversation with Doug (telling him I was a girl on a mission) and try on the dress. And it fit! And it's beautiful! It waited all week for me!

So here she is. She's not perfect (there are a few small tears in the skirt fabric and a couple small dark pin hole sized stains), but I love her anyway.

My barbie shoes

Bow Earrings: Ricki's
Denim Jacket: Randy River
50s/60s Turquiose Dress: Vintage Glory
Belt: from Aunt Mary
Tights: Indestructables
Hot Pink "Barbie" Pumps: Madeline (The Bay)

While I'm posting and I have your attention, I'd like to apologize for the drop off in Outfit posts. I've been working some crazy overtime at my new job and taking photos without natural light is not working well. So I've only been able to take quality photos on the weekends. Spring is hopefully on its way soon, so please bear with me until then!

Lisa. xo


  1. oh Lisa its so pretty, the color looks great on you too! I love when you find things in those situations, completely meant to be! I'm in town next month, I'll have to make it my personal mission to end up in the exchange, the second hand & vintage stores in Thunder Bay are nothing compared to Winnipeg!

  2. Cool! We'll have to hit up some stores together!
    I hear there's a new vintage store in Osborne and I'll take you to Ruby Slipper!


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