Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Dress, Three Ways: LBD

I absolutely love this dress! I got it from The Boy's Auny Mary when she moved to an apartment in BC (My collection grew significantly when she moved). It is ultra comfortable and so chic and sexy! I feel like I could wear it anywhere! It's definitely my go to LBD!

#1: Green
Fur Hat: Vintage (bought at Costume Museum of Canada)
Necklace: from Mom
Green Cropped Cardigan: Le Chateau
Belt: Laura
Tights: Indestructables
 50's Spectator Pumps: Vintage (from Aunt Mary)

#2: Purple
Flower Brooch: (Worn as a Facinator) Ricki's
60's Rhinestone Earrings: From Grandma
Fur Collar: Thrifted
Patent Belt: Laura
Tights: Walmart
Shoes: Kenzie

#3: Red
Enamel Earrings: Ricki's Sample Sale
Red Patent Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Indestructables
Shoes: Le Chateau

A Note About the Chair: This is one of my best vintage finds EVER! I also own a matching couch. They were both bought at Value Village for $140! They're 20's. The cushions have springs and they are filled with hay! One day I plan on replacing the cushions (they're not that comfortable!) and recovering them in period appropriate fabric (the current fabric has had a run in with a cat and is not very pretty in spots).
The manager at Value Village wouldn't put them on hold for me while I secured a truck, so I sat on them for 2 hours and shoo'd people away while I found some way to take them home!

PS: See? I'm totally obsessed with fur right now! It's just too bad my office is WAY too hot to wear it....*sigh*

Photos taken by The Boy!

Lisa. xo


  1. So cute all 3 ways! I especially love the first version!

  2. Thank you! I think I'll be wearing that one to work tomorrow. Minus the hat of course.

    Ms. B you are the best!

  3. I LOVE VALUE VILLAGE! I wish we had them in the US!! I got the greatest owl halloween costume there over fall break when I visited my friend in BC!

  4. You don't have Value Village?!?! That's crazy! VV is owed by Walmart! How could you NOT have VV??

    I feel for you...

  5. All three looks look great! I especially love that brooch worn as a facinator. You look a lot different with your hair styled like this...but in a really good way!


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